Tips on making a powerful drop?


o brooks is great


He makes mostly big room house


Games waves is ur freind
Also use crispy saw basses
Not sure an example in auxy but I’m sure someone does


Sounds like don diablo👍

Also make sure to use 128 bpm or close to that

Here a progressive house drop in the style of Martin garrix


Also I edited yours a bit
Not used to auxy any more but I think it sounds decent



well it was in reference to him talking about prog house my bad


Love it. :ok_hand::fire::+1:


It’s simple:



I usually go with a POW but whatever floats your yacht.


You can make everything man:



** W U B **



Bet, I’ma make a future bass, dubstep, funky EDM track.



Highpass leads/dubstep basses

Add a sub

Mess with the key and tempo

delete and try again

Rinse repeat :sunglasses::ok_hand:


If you’re drop is a melodic drop with a hard hitting chord, I’d recommend using basses like Slope or Gravel. If It is a bass drop however, it can be whatever. A trap drop- boom basses.




Tried to recreate a fake suspension screen. Included a hummaban for extra enjoyment.