Tips on making a powerful drop?


I use do studio so I couldn’t even if I wanted to


That’s actually pretty good
What tyep of song are you trying to make
Could you give an example…
That’s alot different than the progressive house I was thinking of


do studio >> fl studio


Tips on making a powerful drop?

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What DAW do you use?

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I really don’t know lol :joy:. I really like Martin Garrix pizza and extraordinary by the pegboard nerds. Not entirely sure what genre they’d fit into. Like I do by Martin Garrix is also good. I heard somewhere that Martin Garrix did some prog house. :man_shrugging:


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both those tracks are prog house yes. Hellberg - the girl is by far my fav prog house track of all time tho.


Layer leads


that one is good, but my all time best is Alesso’s remix of If I Lose Myself by One Republic




Yeah I really like that track :+1:. I want to achieve more of a crisp and “crunchy” (idk) sound that pegboard nerds use. Kinda like melodymania


i dont think that has as much to do with mixing as it does editing the instruments/sounds. There’s tutorials for getting more punchy or crispy sounding drums and instruments. Some eq is involved, but usually for individual instruments, not the whole mix.

Another good artist for this kind of sound (i guess) would be KSHMR. Tho he doesn’t really do house type stuff, the way his drums hit are pretty similar


Hey guys I threw this together with the tips that you gave me. Any feedback? Feel free to tweak away :grin:


Ok nice, I’ll look into it. Does KSHMR mostly do big room?


how have u never heard of him before? wack.
He’s probably the most well known big room producer out there.
But yes he mainly does Big room.

probably his most well known track:


I’ve heard that song all over the place but never really cared to find out who made it lol😂. I’ve never really been into big room tho.


Pizza is progressive house
Like I do is future house mixed with future bounce
Brooks did most of the drop on that one tho