Tips on making a powerful drop?


My only tip from personal experience is to boost everything 50db


So many houses they could make a neighborhood ha ha ha


I’ll send an example after school
Just dm me now so I remember


Wait ur joking?
50 dB is alllllot, and everything will clip and sound gross
Also U can’t do that in auxy



(This is a complete sentence)


cant say it’s bad if you can’t hear anything because


yeah but you could have just said
low pass = lets low frequencies through and blocks frequencies above it.
High pass = lets high frequencies through and blocks frequencies below it
band pass (not auxy) = can amplify and de-amplify frequencies depending on how you use them

I understood it all too, but that’s just because i’ve used them before and know what they mean, but if you’re not sure about how to use those tools then i think you’d get lost on that paragraph pretty quick


Not if you reduce it by 50db first



another solution is O T T ON EVERYTHING


Except sub bass🤔


Yeah just casually port OTT onto Auxy :joy:

opens mixer, selects master track, OTT ACTIVATED

Actually, how awesome would that be?


Uhh this is my master chain

Gain (+24 dB)
Gain (+24 dB)
Gain (+24 dB)
Gain (+24 dB)
Gain (+24 dB)
Gain (+24 dB)
Large Hall Reverb (100% Wet)


What daw do u use


If we could import serum sylenth etc


Send something you have been working on so I understand the level ur at
I can try to give tips from there


I will when I get home. It’s on my iPad soz :grin:


Auxy Pro Studio for Mac (A-Team Exclusive Edition)




Sorry I took so long,

Have a go at this I just kinda threw it together real quick

I hadn’t added a buildup yet sorry but I can send you one with a buildup. (Won’t be the same project of course)

For some unknown reason if you wanted to use this, plz credit :joy:


If you were to see the songs on my soundcloud you would see that it just sound like a block of noise :joy:. I try to make these big drops and then it’s just noise lol :laughing: