Tips for chiptune

So, I like making chiptune music, and I do think I have a fairly good understanding of it. (I’ll be sure to share some of my chiptune eventually.)

But I wanna hear what instruments/tricks you guys think work best for chiptune music.

I’ll give some of my own tips:

  • In the old Auxy, you could make chip-like drums by distorting Dollar or Craft but unfortunately you can’t do that anymore. At least, I don’t think you can. If you still can then let me know.
  • I’ve mentioned this somewhere else but the “happy times” impact synth is very chiptune-like.
  • Gossip, Pasta, Stress (tone all the way up), Igloo, Spray, Pug, Gravel, Pepper, and Jelly all make good chiptune sounds in my opinion.

Go ahead and share your thoughts if you have any!


Using Stress with the tone all the way up at low pitches makes a cool chiptuney bass (I think)


Also, doing this with Stress

It also makes a good chiptuney lead or anything. It does distort if you double notes so be cautious.

Pitch shifting up Crater is a good warm square wave like sound.

Fairy can be a good square wave like sound too with shape and tone I think.

@stereofield could help (@chip)


We’re all laughing very hard


This is just a bit that I took out from one of my tracks I was working on.
Gives you 3 instruments you can experiment with to get the jist of how some instruments can be taken way out of its comfort zone.

Pasta is one of my go to basses because of its versatility and ability to be abrupt and brutalize any bassline when you automate its Tone

Like many have mentioned about stress, but I automate its pitch up and down, you can also automate it downwards and it sounds chipcentral.

Mist was my enginuity at work, but now since the update it gets undermined by samples. But still a very interesting drumset and it sounds coool as moombah beats

Experiment, prosper, have fun,

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Yay! Glad I could bring some happiness into your day

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@Auxy Can we git a chiptune pack this year? :yum:


Damn right we are XD
Nice one @Hum4n01d


Use Stress (Fully Toned), Joker, Glue (Fully Shaped And Toned), And Craft (3/4 Toned)
You’ll make something like This.