“Time To Change The Protocol”

My 6th and possibly my most underated project yet is now ready to spin!! It’s been out a week.


I hope you all enjoy my latest work :smile:


Damn! Seems there are a few on here really grabbing that jazzy vibe at the mo.
Loving it.
Loving Vapour — and I’m barely halfway through it. Haven’t even checked out the rest yet.

Obvious vaporwave vibes (d’uh!), but feels partly pulled back to a dream pop sensibility.

Check out Men I Trust’s Norton Commander (if you don’t already know the band)

* Wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Norton Commander was the inspiration for your Vapour track.

I do think the sound is a little too choked/LPFd. I get the aesthetic, but I don’t think Auxy LPF alone is the right tool for getting a lo-fi sound. It’s a bit unsubtle. Maybe use a little less LPF and a bit more High Shelf (in an instrument’s Volume control) to find that sweet-spot. And maybe add some subtle LPF movement, to give the audio space a little more movement, which is what you’d get from the old/low-end tech that inspired the lo-fi sound.

If you listen to Norton Commander as a reference, the choked, lo-fi music works because the vocals are cleaner and cut through a bit more, giving the ear something to grab on to.

Either way, a good start.

Now, time to check out the rest of the album. :slight_smile: :+1:


I’m further in.
Feels like the album is lacking an identity, with tracks in a few different genres.

It’s possible to build an audience when an artist is working across multiple genres, but it’s difficult.
There often still needs to be a thread that ties it all together. I don’t think that thread is present here (other than the sound of something produced in a $5/month iPhone music app).

They might come together better if there was a vocalist whose voice would tie it all together. Similarly, limiting the number of drum kit genres/sounds used in album tracks can help glue the sound(s) together.

(* Your opening track goes for a lighter, acoustic kit sound. Track 2 goes for heavy, rock kit. Other tracks bounce around between overtly electronic and other sounds.)

(I do think you could probably lose tracks 2 [rock-tinged, electro-funk?] and 3 [euro-dance?], and the album might hold together a bit better.)

I also noticed that some tracks attempt to emulate human playing, the drums on ‘Take Me Back…’ being one example. Auxy doesn’t support ‘humanised’ feel well, and this becomes more stark in instruments where performance subtleties are often core, such as drums, sax and piano. It can easily come across as a cheap, midi version (which, tbh, Auxy kinda is).

Consequently, while I think some of the songs have more promise, they are being undermined by the limitations within Auxy.
Yes, you could put in loads of extra effort using Free Mode, and messing around with volumes and automation to get closer, but imo, that’s the long and painful route.

I think your writing is stronger than your workflow and tools suggest. Yes, there is more quality that can be squeezed out of Auxy. But, it might just be time to upgrade your process. :+1: