Tie Dye Third Eye - Breezymode [Future Bass]

hey everyone! I dropped my new song: Tie Dye Third Eye today. I cant express to the forum enough how impactful it has been to be a part of this. I would not be growing as an artist without such a tight knit community. I worked my tail off to make this track as good as it can be, i hope you like it :slight_smile:


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This song definitely opened my tie dye third eye.

Very weird and funky. Not sure if I would call it future bass, but at this point Idk what future bass is.


hahah love it!! Yeah i dont even know if this falls into a genre, future bass was my closest genre choice lol. Im really glad you like it! Thank you for going out of your way to like and repost too :slight_smile:


Already given it the works broπŸ˜‰