Tides - Mr Mooo

After 3 months it is finally here… I have been meaning to upload this for so long but I was always worried I would find something I could’ve improved after I uploaded it. But the auxy disco convinced me that having a song which had mistakes and possible improvements only meant people could give it constructive feedback, and I could improve.

So anyway, here it is: https://soundcloud.com/user-460338301/tides

As always, feedback is appreciated :grin:
Thank you.

Cover art is uploaded!

Oh yea also is it good enough for a repost? I’m literally begging for one but if this is bad then just say

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It’s good! Your music is al-waves good. I like the tidal of the track btw! It sands a good vibe. It would be pretty cray-sea to get a repost, but I fish for the best :smile:


I sea what you did there


Great piano in this, plus a fantastic build-up. Also the little “DING!” in the second chorus is sweet :smiley:

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Thanks so much! :smile:

Love it!! Can I Remix??

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Sure! I’ll message you

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