Thrashie & E/E - Ceres [Ambient, Future Bass, Heavy] [“Beginnings & Endings” Album]

This one is on the more upbeat side of things. Definitely something new for me xP but enjoyed it immensely anyway. Be sure to check out E/E’s stuff if you haven’t already
( )

I hope you guys enjoy, more of [Beginnings & Endings] will come soon!

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So excited this song’s finally out! ^w^

Btw please remember to change that url x3

Yeah I tried but it just glitched it out lol

Aaaah, well whenever you get the chance to change it don’t forget to x3

Alright I’ll definitely try to xP

An interesting track. Different stuff going on, but it all holds together quite well.

Not sure about the Ambient as the primary genre tag. Certainly seems like Future Bass would be more accurate, and more useful as the primary genre tag in SC, with Chill as a secondary. I’d add Ambient there, as there is a hint of it at times too, but the track certainly feels more FB + Chill.
You should certainly have tags like Electronic in there too.

You should really get in the habit of making sure your tags are done when you release on SC.
Think of it like artwork. Just one of the standard things involved with releasing music.