Thoughts on Beat the Clock

I’ve noticed with these last few Beat the Clocks the winner has always been somebody who Auxt has reposted before and is already pretty well known in the Auxy community.

I honestly don’t think it’s fair. Before Auxy producers hosted Beat the Clock, the winner was almost always somebody who most people in the Auxy community hadn’t heard of and although well known producers made the shortlist, it was always a nice chance for somebody who hadn’t yet been discovered to win. I know it’s about choosing the best entry, but these are just my thoughts.

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I think you are only partially correct. I don’t think any of the winners of the last btc did not deserve to be on there. I do think there were some that maybe could have equally been on the list that didn’t make it. Just that I think the producers who are well known on here are well known because they are making music often, and get better because they are active. While there may be sleepers that just are not voicing often in the community, I feel like the reason the btc winners are often known is because they are the most prolific and there for get better because of it.



We usually encourage adding lesser known people to the shortlist when they submit creative tracks of a certain quality, and we usually set the bar a bit higher for the more well known folks. BTC is not about being fair in the sense that everyone should get equally heard, although I think it’s a good chance to get attention for everyone who put some serious effort into their tracks.


I do agree that they deserved to be on the shortlist, I’m just saying my opinion.