Thoughts on an Auxy-specific feedback live stream

What would go down would be that viewers would submit their tracks, maybe a guaranteed review for a small amt. of money and “someone that’s big in the community and talented” would listen to the tracks and offer critical feedback. People like deadmau5 and Ramzoid do this, could an Auxy specific one work?


I’d probably watch it sometimes. Sounds interesting!

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maybe. But we already have that, albeit very rare, on the Auxy collective discord

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Id be interested in something like that, but would it be unreleased or released tracks?

I’ve been actually thinking of livestreaming (once I figure out how that works) making a song, but that’s different. I really like this idea, we could let different people regardless of skill level come and host, like a radio show.

…Actually, this would literally be straight up a radio show with commentary criticism, and that’s not a bad thing! A little bit of feedback is nice to anyone. I’d be totally down to submit tracks, or maybe even host an episode if we go there!

obs and sound-flower.
if you have a Mac, you can plug in your phone and open up quick time and choose the phone as a recording device and change your audio input to the computer so whatever goes through the phone goes through the computer which goes through the stream.

(I actually have both of those set up already for my home computer lol. I did some small game streams a while back)

I cohost the Auxy collective feedback streams and I think they are helpful

I could probably help with with something like this, I think it’s a good idea


Sounds interesting. Love the idea.

i could help with this if you want. i used to be relatively well-known in the community so i think people might like to have me help out.

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I don’t have money but I need feedback

Sounds interesting.

Better idea: Auxy production streams from some more well known artists for different genres.

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Thats basically what the Auxy Collective feedback streams are. We take submissions (free of course) 15 minutes prior and give feedback to them.

We try to do it every Saturday, but it’s not a guarantee.

Another, more popular and reliable version of this is on phuture collective. They have way more people, way more experienced people, and a lot more feedback. They do it every Sunday. The problem with them though, is the queue is a LOT longer and you could wait hours until it’s your turn, unless you are apart of their Patreon ($10/month)

An official Auxy version of this wouldn’t be bad but we kinda already have it.


As stated by @El1011, @HYDRANS, and @Polar, we host these on (some) Saturdays on the Auxy Collecive discord voice channels. One of our New Years resolutions for the collective was to host these more consistently, and I’m planning on delegating the hosting and organization of said streams to a few people so I can disconnect my availability with the availability of the streams.

One of the interesting things I’ve noticed about the collective streams is that there are often a mix of both auxians and musicians that use other DAWs, so you’ll get both feedback on specifically how to use the app better as well as feedback from other producers on how your music holds up to other daws and more generally to the music industry in general. So that’s one thing to note that I find valuable Atleast.

Anyway, if you are interested in joining the next stream we do you can find our listing in the discourse discord directory topic (not gonna plug it here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

And if this is not what you were referring to @Produk then definitely let me know–but from what I can tell about what you’re describing, there’s a pretty good solution that exists.


I’d host it on the collective, they have a pretty good system already established

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Phuture doesn’t really GIVE feedback. They all seem to like the same type of sound in music. No shots fired, but it’s just not helpful

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There is a lot of value in this. There are a lot of concepts that can be applied across platforms, and it’s always good to be aware of all your choices and how various techniques can and will apply to those platforms.

I’ve had a different experience


Really? Huh. I may have to join back

Feedback streams were the best. It gave me a chance to actually know what people had to say on my unfinished projects so I can further work on them. I think some of the advice I had gotten on there really helped me a lot.

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