This Vs. Any Featured song in Auxy

This is probably the best song in Medly to date:

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This is for Auxy not medly…


I’m pretty sure slycecaik has made better as timber is one of the Demo songs that you get when downloading a pack

I’m saying Auxy’s a better app


Obviously lol

Quality over Quantity. Actually…how many instruments does Auxy have?


I’d say roughly 90

And Medly?

Well the band pack has 128 instruments so I’d say 135

Yeah. Quality over quantity.

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Do you think I should delete Medly?

Not if you can make good tracks on there. I actually recommend listening to some of the tracks people have made on it.

Some of the ones that are GOOD yeah.

Should I get Medly? Looks similar to auxy, maybe a little more complex

It’s a LITTLE more complex but has worse quality than Auxy.

Oh and you can but I don’t recommend it.

I heard that the Medley devs are planning on putting in a keyboard you can actually play the sounds live with. So that will be a selling point over Auxy. I know know, it’s just SO much more fun and expressive to place squares on a grid but hey it’s something

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I prefer quality.

Me too.

Even with that, I wouldn’t recommend it.