This site could use revamping

Because you have superman vision. Everyone has been hiding it from you this whole time, but I am letting the cat out of the bag. Forgive me everyone.


no I have normal vision. How is that possible, ice sleeper? If I had Superman vision, I could kill the hell out of someone.

Ok cool.


I personally think the site is fine and serves its purpose. Maybe for “revamping” we could try and help this place be more active. Any suggestions I would make to add would just be cosmetics and aesthetics, changing up the look and coloring.


How about new backgrounds?

Since Apple announced iOS 14 as a WHOLE new level of iOS, we need to really revamp this site & update its features.

It is. I was going for a featured topic idea, since the posts are sorted by latest and pinned, the ToTWs get buried wayy to quickly… I feel like the Artist and Track should headline the Catagory since its for that week.

Just taking chance in hopes the devs stumble upon my suggestions i guess. I appreciated your help :))

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We can’t really change the forum site - it’s a lightly customized version of a Discourse forum, and about the only thing that can be done is different backgrounds, which are already available. The backbone of the site won’t be able to vary that much.

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I think topics can be pinned globally, if I remember correctly (under the ‘pin to top of category’ option ). It will show the topic at the top of Latest.

(It’s your choice about ToTW, was just mentioning i think it is possible ^^)

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You know what? We need more rules in TotW. If not, then lmk.