This site could use revamping

Maybe it’s me, but I think this site could be much more than what it is.

It’s simply not real fun to look at and it’s not exactly user friendly.

I very much appreciate having this forum to share and discuss ideas, but I think I would visit it a lot more if it felt more comfortable being on here.



Yeah, I agree.

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I mean. I’m open to suggestions lol.

79% more donc.


And a little more cow-bell.


You always need more cowbell

But honestly I agree. The site doesn’t have a lot going for it, when it really could be.

depends on of the devs want to spend time going through github pages to find a good mod for the forum, but seeing as they dont spend a lot of time here anyway, i doubt they would.

idk bout da janitors tho if they have access to that stuff

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I’m gonna pull a product owner move (thanks scrum methodology!)

What are your requirements? Collectively, everyone. If you don’t have a set of things you’d like to see, ie, required functions or necessities then there is no clear outcome or way to measure success.

I don’t disagree, would love to see this place being used to its full capacity, but without knowing what would make it so, then it’s impossible. This is why we do things like the tournaments and track of the week - we tried forum member of the week, all of these things were to help with engagement but what happens every time, without fail, is that interest tapers off. So it’s obviously not the fix.

I myself don’t have full administrative powers over the forum, but anything within my capacity I am willing to try if it makes sense and would help make things around here more enjoyable.

In short, I’m willing to apply more donc as needed. But without knowing what the donc is, then there is nothing I can do to help :man_shrugging:


I’m far from a doctor of web design, but I‘m afraid this site is suffering from a real lack of identity.
This might be one the worst cases I’ve ever seen. (shifting the stethoscope across the CPU screen) I’d recommend a couple shots of color, with a full dose of style.

Also, there’s this sense of claustrophobia.
You click and - BAM - you’re hit in the face with a list of categories. And everything looks the same.
Some empty space to allow the page to breathe could go a long way. Also, little icons representing each category (like a pair of Headphones :headphones: for Production Talk) could really break up the monotony as well.

That’s my 2 cents anyway :+1:t2:

Gotcha - not too sure how much can be done around here formatting wise. If you check out other forums running discourse they ALL look like this lol. I’m sure there’s all kinds of modifications like @El1011 mentioned but nothing I have any knowledge about, nor rights to apply.

I’ll say this platform is probably one of the better ones I’ve used (Vanilla? Barf. Drupal? No thanks). But yeah - the Internet forum style of layout doesn’t really have the best curb appeal no matter where you look, imo


There are some colour options…


Okay if we need to revamp this place, I’ll land out a idea.

  • We could make a auxy disco channel where all the perfect auxy disco ideas could be placed there. The first video should be an introduction. Then the rest are just amazing ideas!

Is my idea good, or does it need a little bit more details?

Loosely based off Auzres idea of unique Judge Plaques, but is there a way to display the ToTW on the main page?

Like how spotify has playlists with the Front Cover of the featured Artist kind of thing, I noticed old ToTWs had unique icons for the judges, so if possible, implement the artists, Profile/ Logo with the ToTW? I just think it would be nice to be able to feature the track of the week, esp. for new members to reference the potential of Auxy production.

You can’t. The best you can do is pin a topic to a category, but you don’t see the pinned topic unless you’re in the category view. I suspect MOST people use the “latest posts” view, which doesn’t show any pins.

The icons for judges are probably some of the emoji’s MM made. There’s a few of them but I don’t have the ability to make them (nor the knowledge, plus some of them looked TERRIBLE small).

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Thats understandable. If ever, this forum gets a update, i’d suggest a messageboard. Thanks for clearing things up! :))


Same! I also need a emoji of me. You know what I mean?

“but I don’t have the ability to make them (nor the knowledge, plus some of them looked TERRIBLE small)”

@cursed I don’t know if there is a messageboard component to Discourse, the whole forum is kind of a message board no? Maybe I’m not understanding what you mean. Either way, both of these items are totally out of my hands.

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Like this? :crystldawn:



@iammane, if they are TERRIBLE small, then why do I see them perfectly?