Think Small — #microadventure ft. Alistair Humphreys — lowey [Big Beat, Inspirational]

I’ve been sat on the beat for this track for months (like 6 months plus), but could never get happy with the melody. In the end I stripped everything but the beat and started again, and a song just appeared out of nowhere… This one pretty much wrote itself.

I wanted the song to have some inspirational words in it, so went looking at the supposedly great motivational speakers but found their words — for me, at least — fell flat.

Then it occurred to me that there’s only one person I can honestly say has ever inspired me to do anything outside of my comfort zone: Alistair Humphreys. So what you hear in this song are extracts from his excellent talk on microadventures:

Alistair touches upon the fact that adventures can be big or small and don’t necessarily have to conform to any preconceived notions, which is a point I want to stress. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, and with a suitably broad definition of the word adventure you can take this talk to be an inspiration for anything. From hiking, to running, to climbing, to kayaking, to writing music, or poetry or films, to embracing a tough decision or renewing your enthusiasm for something you’ve always loved doing, and everything in between.

May you find as much inspiration in Alistair’s words as I have done.

Awesome man, listening now. It’s amazing how when you totally tear something apart sometimes it just reforms as something totally new VERY quick. It’s awesome when it just pours out and works. Great use of the samples, cut together very nicely.

I keep hearing Ben Gibbard singing over this haha, I can’t help it. It’s really nicely done!

Ben Gibbard? I don’t hear it myself, but… okay :slight_smile:

I think I’m getting a bit of a Postal Service vibe out of the drum programming / sample selection. It’s not a bad thing! Enjoy those two very much (individually and together, as short lived as that was)

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