There should be Bluetooth keyboard support in Auxy

So I have been using physical keyboards for iPad for the past few months and I think it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made concerning my workflow. Tasks such as typing things out or just navigating the device has been much improved with just this small change.

This, combined with the fact that Apple seems to be embracing the use of physical keyboards more and more in their iPad lineup makes me think there should be some kind of keyboard support in Auxy.

Now, let me clarify that I’m NOT implying that Auxy should go full-keyboard. Touch-based interaction, like all good apps designed for iPad, is a key distinguishing factor for making iPad software more intuitive to use than PC stuff. I’ll even say that some tasks — like placing notes on the “note-laying” interface — are better suited for touch. Instead, here’s a couple ideas I came up with where keyboard shortcuts may be useful:

  • shortcuts quickly opening up menus and submenus for tweaking sounds in the “note-laying” interface, such as quickly changing the time signature for placing notes
  • shortcuts for selecting and moving around different sounds in the main interface
  • support for the play/pause and skip track buttons found on many Bluetooth keyboards to act like the respective buttons at the bottom of the main interface
  • using the arrow keys to fine-tune aspects of how an instrument sounds in the “knob” interface
  • even something like a basic “highlighter cursor” that could allow hamburger menus to be opened and navigated without having to touch the screen would be neat to have

An example I’d like to use for how keyboard support can only add to a user’s experience is in an app like Procreate. Even though Procreate is used for a totally different purpose than Auxy, it still has EXTENSIVE keyboard support for things like having keys and shortcuts assigned to various functions while ALSO sporting an intuitive and smart touch user interface. If somebody doesn’t want to use a keyboard, they’ll be more than happy with the touch interface provided, but those who may also like using a keyboard will have that extra level of depth that can really allow them to make their workflow more similar to something like photoshop with all those keyboard actions at their disposal.

I’d even make the argument that a keyboard in Auxy would be MORE useful than a keyboard in Procreate because the purpose of the app itself is less reliant on touch compared to a drawing app like Procreate.

So all in all, I think keyboard support, even in a basic form, could only add to the user experience, especially for people like me who enjoy working at a desk and having that “laptop-esque” experience while also having the flexibility of the iPad :slight_smile:


For sure, on an app like Sunvox a keyboard would be amazing. At first blush I thought you meant Bluetooth music keyboards. Which would be great.

But sure, I know I wouldn’t use a typing keyboard for anything but a tracker, but I’m not one to poo poo people’s workflows. Whatever works.

That would be awesome! I’m getting an iPad Pro soon (with the Logi keyboard) and I love using keyboard shortcuts on my current computer.