Theme Variation Challenge!


Was listening to a project of mine and an idea for a challenge came into my head. I’d like you to make a track based on creating variations and complexifying a central theme. It should be clear to the listener what the central theme is and how it evolves over time.
An example I can provide for what I’m talking about is this variation thing from a remix of Asgore’s theme from undertale I’m working on:
You can hear how the original loop’s spirit is somewhat in the final scene, but the final scene is much more complex, nuanced, and frankly more of a bop.

Please submit tracks as project files if possible, and keep the length under 5 minutes.

Due date will be one month from today, or May 26th. Winners will get… epic clout points? Maybe an emoji if the mods feel like adding a cool prize? Please participate and please have fun!


I see what your saying but is there a project you would like us to work in?

Not really, it’s a very open-ended challenge. If enough people ask for it tho I guess I could put some themes together that you guys could try and vary…

If 5 people ask for it, I’ll make a project with 5 themes to vary. These will be optional; you can still make your own theme if you wish.

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