theLOV3DdaysYT [Collab? Projects] collab idea from cursed

Hey guys it’s been a long time no see. Well I have been doing everything on my new phone after my birthday. Just turned 13 and ready for Ramadan. So I have a got an idea and that is a collab. I got this idea from curseds collab topic. And thanks to him I have my very first collab. Shoutout out to him and love and all to him. :wink::wink::wink: Go ahead and remix them if you want.
On The Mollie (Melbourne Trap)

sight. (Trap Lofi)

Missed the 1920s (Chill Lofi)

Police Ticket (Ambiance Trap)

Billie Vibe (Western Trap)

So please if you want to collab with me I’d appreciate that. I hope you guys of all the best at collabing with me. Also here’s a discord server for the collab like TheOsprey made.

Anyways my gang as always my Auxy lovers, Thanks and May Allah Bless you all!!! :wink::wink::wink:

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Your new phone? Don’t you already have an X?


That is my sisters phone. Now I use an iPad for this and my new phone.

count me in!

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Let’s go yussef. Pick your first song.

i need to sleep first, tomorrow ill dm u

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But which one. Pick one before you sleep bro. Just in case to remind you which one. Also, Ramadan Kareem!!!