theLOV3Ddays - sight (inspired by notmiles.)

Here’s my new song that is lit as hell :fire::fire::fire:

I’ve also inspired notniles because the sounds are like his so yeah that’s all.

Thanks & have a good day!! May Allah Bless you all.

…That’s not how features work, my friend. Featuring an artist means they are on the track, not inspiring it.


Wow Notmiles you really knocked it out the park on this track


If @NotMiles had no part in making this, you really can’t say featuring - can you edit post to say something like “Inspired by”, or similar? Thanks!


I had no part in this


I know notmiles. You think I should remove your name in the feature and keep like the way it is? Without your feature? It’s fine

Ohhhh I get it now. Shoot how did I forget it.

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It’s was a guy who made the new sounds for his album coming out on 1st if june. Notmiles never did this work. If he made “Way More notmiles. Sounds”, maybe that piano could’ve busted inside and be re-made with intelligence. I love notmiles since the very beginning. When his sounds first came out. Wow I feel changed and vibey. I mean the second one as well because it was a little bit better than the first one. Anywho the person who made the piano, the whole pattern is… Voltur!!! you can check out his new sounds right now in the custom sounds topic. They sound like futuristic & toy pianos. Trust me on this one. Can’t you guys just be friends and dat stuff just for once? Thanks & May Allah Bless you all!!!

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