The Woods - DJ La Rocca [Horror]

Don’t know why the hell I did this but it sounds spooky. So here ya go


Creepy…Make the piano lead more legato tho, and add more reverb.

I was just experimenting lol it wasn’t supposed to be something great lol but thanks for the feedback

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I know, but it could actually sound really cool if you did that

Maybe next time we can make a horror song together?

Thats not really my thing…sadly :star_struck:

Neither is it for me :joy: just an experiment lol. I’m more an EDM, future bass guy. If you have heard my stuff

Wow your stuff is super dope!

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Thank u. Nice logo btw

nice spooky song

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Thanks haha. I didn’t put much effort in to it it was just an experiment :joy: cheers tho

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I like it. Though, it feels like there’s space for more a few more sounds in this song.

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@enby I agree. It was pretty slopped and rushed

I wasn’t a fan of the piano 1:40 in, but enjoyed the rest.

Yeah. As I said above. It was an experimentation and I didn’t put very much effort into it. @Sunny

You should have held onto it a little longer! Nothing like coming back for an edit.

@Sunny well I usually put a lot of effort into songs but not this one. Idk. Thanks for the feedback tho. My next song will most likely be future bass or possibly melodic dubstep. I have 2 melodic dubstep songs but they are each a little over 1 Year’s old.

Thanks, but which logo? The one in my pic, or the one that’s in the background of my profile?

The one in your pic

Oh. Thanks!