The West Coast Megacollab: Interstate 5 - Azure Onyx, Hum4n01d, Arimyth, Mister Serpent, console.frog, Spaghetti Sauce, INDIR3CT, GlacialViper [DNB, Progressive House, Chill]

After a long wait, the West Coast members of the Auxy Community have come together for an 8-man, multigenred megacollaboration – Interstate 5. We hope you enjoy the culmination of 3 separate attempts and several months of work. :slight_smile:


@ianardo (console.frog)


Nice job guys! Well done! Love the melody

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Can I inquire as to why this is already being released? I worked really hard creating my part for this, and even though you didn’t think it fit where I had it, I was open to working on finding a better place for it. I’ve been pumped about this for months and am really bummed out my work didn’t make it in. I know I was inactive on discord for most of the collab and my contribution was last minute, though I did ask to be notified on disco when it was my turn and I wasn’t and was still skipped.

That’s not to say this isn’t one mighty fine collab, of course. It’s quite nice. Great job to everybody involved!


this is great! the percussion throughout is wonderful and i just love the melodies

There were several reasons behind the decision.

  1. I wasn’t made aware by anyone in the collab group or yourself that you wanted to be notified through the Disco, as Discord was our main platform of communication.

  2. Given our communication platform, you were notified and mentioned multiple times throughout the process of your turn and given the full 2 rotations to do your part.

  3. I had stated I wanted to discuss the next steps of the collab, given that when you did return to Discord, the collab had just finished up and we were planning the release so accommodating another part was very difficult.

  4. In this case, given the timing of it and the fact that I couldn’t see a fitting place in the end (where it was at the time) or in the middle, and also given that this was our third attempt and it’d taken several months already, I just didn’t see us able to push the release back further than it was.

Very sorry that we weren’t able to fit your part in. In a perfect world, everyone would be able to be reached much easier than is currently possible and things wouldn’t take as long as they did. Given the current circumstances and constraints, things just didn’t line up this time around.


I’d like to say… Good job, guys. Making me proud. Sorry for dipping out on this one, got busy with other stuff. but you’re doing a mighty fine job.


mum, i made it

This must of taken ages. I’m currently working on a collab with just 3 other people and it’s already a struggle lol (no offence to them). Anyways, great work fellas!

It felt like it took forever, especially since we had to restart the collab 3 times

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Sounds great, have had a hard enough time working with one person can’t imagine the logistics for working with 8.

But yeah, fantastic!