The Swordfish - SlowByDesign [Nostalgic, Electronic, Chill]

This, like a lot of my music, was inspired by the good times me and my older brother had playing Donkey Kong on SNES. Good times. Simpler times.

Because of that - the DK/DK2 soundtrack still gets me. (and just because they’re fire)


This one was a bit of a doozie to mix. But a few people on here helped with some great mixing ideas - iammane - sn.ow.y - VJM - OIL - thanks again :pray:t2:

PS - I’m kinda bad at putting a genre to my stuff. If you have an idea - just comment it :+1:t2:

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Bro, I gotta say: your hard work is so hard, that one day, I want to collab with you.

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Wow! Thanks, man. Yeah!
That really means a lot. :pray:t2:

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