The Spurious Divinity Of Squalor - Devoid of Joy (wip) feedback

I can decide if I should go for a more epic or more experimental direction with this, I just know it’s stuck in my head. The intro to is just a place holder for the time being.

I’m suffering from Auxy withdrawal as my iPad is dead (Apple store guy said “we’ve never seen anything quite like this”), so I can’t check out the project, but I’ll happily take a listen if you can post audio somewhere.

Without having listened, I’d say do both! Or start with experimental and let it epicify from there.

How’s about a you tube link?
This is slightly different than the original but just the intro is different. Still not sure where to go with it yet.

I really like this. As I hear it, it’s an implied struggle between D-flat major and D minor, which feels like 2-second exhalation/inhalation cycles. I’m kinda rooting for one or the other to win the battle, but it’s left up in the air by the end.

The experimental/epic hybrid option, in my way of thinking, would be to start with experimental: throw a perturbation at it, something semi-random; shift gears significantly, and see what sticks. That may solidify a direction, and you can always delete the perturbation and pick up where it took you (I usually end up keeping these after they grow on me). On the epic end, just keep adding to what it is, as it is, until it epics itself into a satisfying (or unsatisfying, depending on your temperament) place to be.

Nice work. Curious to hear how it [d]evolves.

Thank you, honestly I’ve been over saturating myself in Auxy lately and haven’t put any time in on the analogs recently. I’m thinking I might try and hybrid it a bit, do some crossover between the two (I usually go all analog or all digital, I think that was more for getting more educated with each.)
I’m thinking some harsh analog noise that kind of rolls into the more structured digital stuff then rolls back into more harsh analog. Hopefully I can get them to mesh well together, but really it’ll probably be clipping in and out because power electronics and all, it’s just part of it.

Good ideas. Funny, I’m oversaturated with analog right now, so living vicariously through the Auxy-abled. I really want to better mesh the two, but it’s a difficult balance to find as it takes actual work to get the realms to talk to each other. That said, if you’re pulled in both directions, an equilibrium will eventually work itself out. I’m hoping the software will keep moving in a direction that makes dealing with external samples a more fluid process (like a proper sampler).

Yeah, I’ve only gotten percussion to really blend well (with extensive pedal use) the hardest peice is getting the ms20 and sq-1 to sync up with the pacing correctly, it’s all knobs and no bpm screen so it’s basically a shot in the dark syncing them up. So my previous attempts were either doing it live in a single recording or making samples and piecing it all together which is time consuming and really choppy sounding in the end.(not my preference)
I like everything to meld and switch smoothly, even though it’s just a chaotic mash of noises really but choppy wall noise is not something I’m really looking to make really.