The South Shuffle Shuffle [DANCE OFF!]


How do you post vids


Got Harlem Shake vibes for some reason

My favorite part was when you put the horse down and looked at the camera. I could almost hear you say “what am I doing with my life”


@BSJ I enjoyed watching your fortnite gameplay.


Had to post mine to YouTube then posted the link here


4:25 :ok_hand:


Aw man, I was hoping for more. @Southborne? @kiP? @Phluze?


Oooooh yeah, I’ll do it. I need to find time to record


Lol. Pretty sick moves man!


This actually looks fun


I gotchu


Could you post the project file to this song maybe? Because it would be so awesome to see people dancing to their own remixes of the south shuffle or, dare I say, EACH OTHER’S remixes!


Bet I’ll do it




I expect an upload soon


I Just realized the song is exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds long…:joy::ok_hand:


cant reveal your face and i have progressed so i am goin for it AYYA


OOOOOKay I just saw this and now y’all know what’s coming




@BSJ you NEED to declare a winner after i enter plz


Not sure people are doing this anymore…