The South Shuffle Shuffle [DANCE OFF!]


a video of me shuffling to the South Shuffle. These are the OFFICIAL dance moves.

Yo. Post a vid of yourself with your groovy moves. Wear a mask. Use a random prop. Show Auxydom your domination of the dance floor. Oh yea. Let’s get South to do it himself. Awww yea.

Xavior - F*ckin Dirty (Dance Challenge)

It’s actually pretty good.
Also, petition for @Southborne to do this.

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The description on the song.


:joy: oh man that’s good. I love the helmet too


Wow! Great dance moves @BSJ!

Your gonna give this guy some SERIOUS competition!


is that a master chief mask?


BSJ is master chief.


You know it


that horse part tho


OMG. I never wanted to use these words, but…

I Cri. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

So good.


Darn mine didn’t have a prop.


This is prime



This text will be blurred


Dude slickest moves ever :ok_hand:

I didn’t know BSJ could dance!?


@BSJ You Are My HERO! this is fantastic! :joy::raised_hands:


This is great, it brings such positivity to my life. I’ll be make sure to do this, BUT ONLY if someone links me that song!


And like magic…


It’s so good! :weary: alright, southbourne shuffle video coming soon, as promised.


South dropped the shuffle.

BSJ threw down the dance challenge.

Come on all you publicity seekers… what have you got?

Bust a move! I think I’m gonna!


someone come get their brad


Some solid moves!

The hobby horse was a nice touch.
Giddy up.