The Sound of freeware 2.1

Name: The Sounds of Freeware (Freeware Tune v. 2.1)
Genere: Electronic

New updated link:

This one is special I have used only basic 8 instruments from free version of Auxy!.

Track made with TRIAL/free Version of AUXY Music on iPhone. For first tine I have used only those few instruments that can be used in trial version.

Basic bass-Barber, two basic sets of drum samples, synths-June, pluck and mallet-Climb, melodic perc. - Peble, Piano - Origin (hopefully I haven’t misgiven Auxy instruments names)

I have changed sounds as I could by tweaking effects like reverbs, echo, low-pass and high-pass and all those useful nice features that I have found, thanks to limited sample choice. In the full version I usually find right instruments and limit playing with changes to classic choices of effects, this time I had to master sound using only basic instruments, sometimes by changing how they sound completely.

At beginning there is part when beat changes from more d’n’b one to simple 4/4 and there is moment when enters something sounding like synthetic pluck or guitar it’s piano/origin - changed by insane play with pitch shifts and high-low pass mix played on time shifts of effects.