The Sky (Mega collab)

Here is the preview of “The sky” That i made feel free to add some more drums/Samples including with your favorite sounds and you can also include the “Melodic sampler”. Have fun doing your parts

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Added some stuff.

Sounds super good so far. :+1: need more people tho


hehe I am coming

1 Like i organized and we also collabed on a build @Pheonix

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Your turn @AstroOuO

got it

Thx! Those edits sound really good.

And your part sounds sick!

Do you want me to add some more or should I wait.

You can i have no problem @Pheonix

how is it going so far

Got a lil stuck… made this for fun

Yo that’s not bad

We can keep that in the project Ending? I honestly don’t know