The recent flood of Auxy reposts is an issue

I’m sure everyone or almost everyone here follows Auxy on Soundcloud. So that means most of you have seen the FLOOD of reposts. 13 reposts in two days. That’s insane. Back in the day when I got my first repost, reposts were rare. To be hoped for whenever your released a song. You would try your hardest to get that repost, and the plays you would get would prove it. Songs back then got over 500 plays from reposts. Now, in the most recent flood of reposts, has barely earned 100. And I’m in the middle. Songs like “Lost Hope” by ReZonance have 53. 53. Drink that in for a second. What has the worth of a repost come to? This is like inflation! If we keep producing more reposts, the quality and value will go down. People won’t try as hard, and therefore the quality of our music goes down. Reposts are worth less now. I get less excited for every repost. People get less time to listen to reposts as there’s always a ton more coming out. And the artist don’t get the credit they deserve.

Now, they might say they’re trying to discover new artists, which is a good thought. But that’s what the BTC is for, and they’ve said that themselves. The reposts should be a step below a feature, where the songs can get milked for all they plays they’re worth. Only repost the best of the newest artists, and only songs that shine above the rest should get reposted. They’ve already discovered some amazing people, like Phoenix(great song btw) and IAATOE, and FroMan, and HAYW1R3, and TWO, and TAURUS, and VIBRNT, and Shroak. It would not surprise me if you didn’t recognize those names, because they got drowned out in the flood of reposts.

Now you might say, "But captain, that means they’ll only repost DeCruz and Austin and Phil and You and IVO and black ocean!"
The same rules apply to us, except on a higher level. Only songs that we make that shine above the rest of the songs on our level get reposted. To keep the value up.

Keep reposts to a few a week. Not 13 in 2 days.

Remember inflation.


Also, keep in mind that the auxy community has grown pretty huge (over 2x) in the past 6 months.
Now, school is starting and members are going down. There was a lot of music. Now, reposts should become more special. :+1: But, yeah, I agree with you. Reposts should get more value.

That does kinda make it feel less special.

I agree, even sometimes ill repost songs that were just released or have been out for a while with only a couple plays when I repost them it gives them a grand total of one or two plays

I’m the person reposting tracks. The reason there’s a bunch of tracks reposted at the same time is because some days I take time to listen to new stuff and repost whatever I like. Other days I try to focus on building the app. So there’s no fancy strategy for rolling tracks out at a certain pace. Sometimes there are more tracks and sometimes there are fewer.


That is a very good point you’ve brought up and I do agree with you on that. Reposting too many tracks can make it less special for people.

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And to be honest if would be much better if there would be a different mechanism for highlighting great tracks than me having to go through stuff manually, but we haven’t figured that out yet.


It’s too damn hard to get your track reposted honestly

Just try your hardest. Sounds cliche af but it’s so true.


Why dont you just ask people to pick out tracks for you as a volunteer? I mean you have moderators for the forum so just find some good people that wont just repost their own content and that choose tracks deserving of it. or something along that line lol. You have a great community here lenberg. There are plenty of ways to put the commited people to use.

Dude how old are you? XD i know most of the ages of friends here but i dont know urs.

I’m 13

I like how all the people i work with are younger than me but still create better things than i do

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