The RAPPING Thread


When I saw you attempting to roast I thought what the “hexx.” I guess that’s just how it goes when you don’t have much to flex. I’d keep going but I don’t have time to waste. So I’ma go ahead and stop now, “Thank u, next.”


Goxenar is not on par
He softer then a soap bar
You really aint got no bars
I blast you like a mortar

I got this in my genes
Now stop if you please
Because when I’m roasting you
That’s the “Reason I Breathe”


i’m not gonna lie
i know i sure as hell can’t rap
and i know you make beats too
but we all know they don’t slap

honestly it’s kinda sad that you get
40 plays on your tracks, man
why don’t you just take all your songs
and put them in the trash can


It ain’t about the quantity
It’s all about the quality
You know you’re just a clone
A Hexx wannabe

All you got is lofi
Basic beats are crap
You were damn right
When you said you couldn’t rap


That’s how me and @aUstin_Haga became friends. Lol


i agree with what you said
quality over quantity
but if you listen to your songs
you’ll surely see the hypocrisy

my song magnolia was great
your song abyss was just a copy
again, so hypocritical
looks like you’re a sei wannabe

why so hypocritical?
i heard your tracks, they’re pitiful
you said i can’t rap
but my bars hittin you, they critical

i got a question, you gotta think critical
why are you so mad?
maybe cuz i’m out here getting connections
while you’re stuck in auxy collective, that’s facts

all i make is lofi?
have you even heard my tracks?
maybe take some time and make good songs
before you come in talking trash


So we have a trash rapper fighting a trash producer ok ok :sunglasses: :fire:

edit: I sense an incoming collab


You’re using your surf account. Not sei


i don’t have a sei account on th disco so i had to use this one lol

also i forgot to say this before but no offense, i’m just trying to revive this thread, you’re actually a great producer lol


hErEs mY rAp

oh say can you see
by the dawn’s early light
wHaT sO pRooOUdly wEeE hAIiLLLed
at the tWiGhlIgHTss last gleAmInG
whos broad stripes and bright sTaArSs
tHrOuGh tHe pErIlOuS fIgHt
O-eR tHe rAmPaRtS wE wAtChEd
wErE sO gAllAntLy sTrEaMiNg

ohh cannada, our home and native lannndd


Seiko Mode

Stats are down, beats are cold
That’s how we already know
Surf is here
My dawg will probably do it for the clout as well
That’s just all he know he don’t know nothin’ else
I tried to show 'em

(skip the terrible beat change)

Immature is what I am
Back in high school I used to try evading bans (yeah)
Now I hit the VPN with accounts in my hands (yeah)
I made an account, seven alts that I got banned

Had me out like a light, ayy, yeah
Like a light, ayy, yeah
Like a light, ayy

Theft, copyright (yeah)
SoundCloud got me striked (ayy)
I still drop the N word but you know my skin is white

Doubled down in fright
Sources? Nah I never cite (bruh)
Yeah I own a label but the music ain’t alright (no)

Can’t mix my tracks (no)
I ain’t a threat (nah)
When I shoot my shot, everyone they sayin’ bet.

Btw, that was all a joke in case y’all were wondering


Chippo Mode

Hey what’s up, it’s Bytecode
Oops, wrong account, now they know
Chip is here
I talk trash about everyone cuz I’m insecure
Don’t want drama so I quick delete it in a blur
I’m immature

(skip the drum fills and the Travis Scott part because i don’t wanna write that much)

Disrespect me then I ban
I abuse my power then I flex on all my fans
Said I’d let Sei change but I didn’t give him a chance
I’m an A-Team man
Well I was til I got banned

Had me out like a light, ayy, yeah
Like a light, ayy
Like a light

Don’t wanna fight
Entered my own contest, got first place, but it’s aight
Swear I wasn’t cheating, and y’all just went “yeah right🙄”

Asked Sei for some samples, but the source, I didn’t cite
My music wasn’t good enough, Mike from Phuture didn’t like

Mean on the internet
Imma dox you, that’s a threat
My followers and plays come from


Bless :raised_hands:t2:


I think I’m losing my edge

You guys are crazy


What this is still a thing




If this was accurate it would be the best thing ever :raised_hands:




I think it’s dead now but I guess not because I said something


I wanna fight @surf