The RAPPING Thread


ok bob that was pretty sweet

your flow can bop

and it aint that weak

but im the king of this game

call me harry mack

cuz im here making freestyles

on Sways hip tracks

for real tho

i only got two tracks you see

becasue i like to master before

i put em out for all to see

and whatchu talking bout

with that piano intro line

i see many artist doin that

and they be doin just fine

now im bout to spit it making my flow supa quick

why you gotta hate when u playing the drumstick

you in the front ensemble but are you the number 1?

i could take u any day with a beat or without one.


and ive still gotta ask

why you flamin me on tracks

though i always come back

with an original bob

thats something you dont got

ive seen like 30 remixes

but nothin off of the top

of yo head

because you too weak for ideas of your own

you just gotta use someone elses

fire song

and imma say it again

your remix of stress wasnt lit

you said it yourself

@BobTheGUYYYYY ruined it

now hit me back w some fire

because i really wanna know

what will transpire


Whoah! Okay, those were some third degree burns

You might be the best opponent that I’ve ever faced. [The best, of course.]

Even after all that, now it’s my turn

I’m gonna make that verse above look like a disgrace. [In jest, of course.]

Have you read all of the posts above?

I got double-teamed by two boiz

I shot them outta the sky like doves

And let them realize they’d been destroyed.

I’ve written MANY original songs.

Maybe you didn’t do your background check

And you only have ONE? That’s just wrong

For you to accuse me, and then your profile’s a wreck

Synthetic Starlight, As Light Fades,

Underworld’s Revenge, 5, and there’s more:

Lava Boss, Ember, Bounceback, hey

Neon Sun, When Boredom Sits, and Party by the Shore.

You wanna diss me for being a percussionist?

Ever heard of a drummer joke? We have it pretty tough

It seems like you’re just being an escape artist.

You tryna roast me but it’s really just a bluff.

You throw down some bars without checking if they’re right

Then leave and tell ME to go so you can ignore the fight.

You were also saying my songs are bad?

Maybe some of them DO need a rinse.

But you can’t make one that’s REALLY rad

Unless you’ve had my experience!

To really rise up, you also gotta fall

I haven’t seen you fall at all [yet.]

But you also only have two songs

So I can’t blame you for not getting it wrong [yet.]

But you’ll see how it is

When your songs are kinda bad and nobody can see

But if it comes to that

You’ll come to respect me.

(Even though I respect you already. @Yaad- your turn!)


Yo by the way @DHO GG we never really got to finish here but it was awesome while it lasted

I’m rereading my old lines and wow they were kind of cringe :joy:


ok bob the guy

that was pretty dope

you haven’t finished me

but soon youll know

at the moment it isnt a very good time

but ill be writing back tonight round 9


Same with mine tbh. At least I got that one really cool verse


Oh, god, I can’t believe y’all fools.
I’m gonna shove you in the dirt like some gardening tools.
It’s my turn on the mic, that’s the like, right.
Gonna screw around your brain until it’s wound up tight.

Is there any knight brave enough to vanquish my fire?
Or are you all losing air, becoming a flat tire?
Challenge me, I dare you, and then some,
now allow me to return from the darkness I came from!

En garde.


OK yo B o b the guy

how is you doin

your rap was pretty fire

but im still here tootin

makin some noise

tryna get to the top

even tho you got me good

i will never stop

i see that i was wrong

because i didnt look to hard

but honestly dude

i didnt wanna go far

down your profile

because i just do not like

listening to your stuff

it is just not that nice (IM KIDDING you stuff is pretty nice actually :)))

i see you talking bout

having more experience than me

but new kids on the block

make it once or twice or three


i am the new school old school is over

new kids run the block

i already got a chauffer

i aint fell yet

well good for me

i dont need to fall

to be the best i can be

you comin at me very strong

and you flow is fire

i respect you dog

no need to have ire

im just getting started

and my stuff is pretty cool

you tryna roast me

boy you will get schooled

now see

one genre is my thing because i dont need too many to be the best

imma come at you spitting and i out here cahsing in some checks

you tryna hit me hard well just know i will hit you harder

by the end of this battle Luke, you’ll know I AM YOUR FATHER


ur heat spill like the Gulf oil spill ha ha that is the extent of my rap skill


i definitely meant spit there xD


should i bring this back?




Yo, bring it back
I’m the leader of this pack
With my brother Jack
Bring the beat back on track!


People’s “wants” aren’t their “needs”
It’s a cycle of greed
And politicians will feed
When we follow their lead…


YOOO im hIP as a millenial living in Brooklyn


I like this because it means something (and it be lit)


if someone wanna @ me,
go ahead

im ready to get this bread


Why do I feel like this is your face as you typed your comment :joy:


Thanks bro! I’m going to see if I can get someone to rap it in an upcoming track.


:joy::joy::joy: duuude that was fun


Tryna be a rapper
But I’m a rap master
My beats be slappers
And I’m spitting much faster

I made plenty memes on discord
I put you on my Diss board
I had to destroy you
Cause my bars just be this cold