The RAPPING Thread


Can I say I think @Yaad won :joy::joy::joy:


thx lol


@MisterMaster has been destroyed

@Yaad, I digress

Just be careful not to walk into the void

As you pass by my fortress

Carefully built, always on top,

You don’t have to challenge me if not wanted,

But this is one challenge that you just can’t bop

If you try, you may find yourself leaving quite haunted


im kinda doin homework

at the moment

but in a few good hours

ill be bringin the pent


because im doing Chem right about now

and ill drop you so hard

youll be be throwin in towels

its on

(as soon as i finish this annoying chem hw) (also, pentane is an organic compound - just so yall dont think im just tryna make some rhymes)


Let’s hit the most musical fire-feat of all time.

A real challenger approaches… from both sides.


The only person in the crowd cheers



Thanks for your support tho


haha. Good burn!


You gonna fight? The challenge is waiting…


ok bob


ill start us off

with some good straight fire

if you say bob the guy is good

you are just a liar

you should check out my stuff

link down below

cuz i make good tracks

and i know how to flow

my music is mad

and yours is just bad

my rhymes are popping

your views are dropping

i just started here

and im already great

heyo bob the guy

lets set it straight!

(DISCLAIMER - none of the stuff i say is real, i like @BobTheGUYYYYY and am just flaming him for the purpose of this challenge)

also - heres the link


aight Bob - your turn


Good verse, my guy, I got marching band tho

Thing is, this activity goes pretty late

But when I return, the flames will grow

And I will take my turn to berate


ok my guy

thats cool with me

what instrument do you play?

i just wanna see


I’m playing drum set in the front ensemble


ayyy good stuff bro


Did…did you just become friends from roasting each other…w-…wha-…


yep we did

my guy Anirud K

all we really want

is just to have a good day

sure we roast each other

but that dont matter

at the end of the day

its just a little pitter patter


Okay, we droppin hot

This verse is gonna flow

To all the previous things you said

I’m just gonna throw a “no”.

You say I got no views?

That starement’s just wrong

How can you say that to me

When you only got two songs?

Sure, those tracks flow

But they both got a piano intro

To truly get yourself into the race,

You’ve got to make something besides future bass.

Oh, and also, your say rhymes flow?

They also got max 7 syllables.

Me, on the other hand, over on my section,

I’m making all the genres for all the world to see.

On your profile, I’d advise viewer discretion

Because your beats got nothin’ on me.

@Yaad, drop some fire!


why do you keep commenting in bold lol