The RAPPING Thread


Ah, so I am back.


Ah, indeed you are.


ok i guess i’ll try this xD


i smoke weed ooh yuh i can’t read ooh yuh i just peed ooh yuh it was green ooh yuh


That’s just a diss to yourself


I like to write songs as a way to express myself so ye here’s a verse I wrote:

Back where I belong
In these streets alone and writing songs
With no one
Cause no one respects me and I’m just done
I made mistakes
Caused me heartbreak
Don’t know what to do
I either get to close or to far away
Oh what do I do

Do they even care about me
Cause I stay awake all night
Wondering if I’ll get a beating like yesterday
Or a fight
What’s the matter
Think you’ve felt like I have
Just wait til the second verse
And you’ll get in my mind and my regrets

It’s not that good but I’ve made better.


When will we get back to rapping back and forth with fun verses


Idk but I’m not gonna be the one to start it. Challenge me if thou dare.


It’s on


Is it now?


You think you can rap

Well let me se you try

You got a reputation

But your words ain’t even fly


None of this makes any sense

Ain’t got time to look back

I ain’t got no room to slack

Make up for the things you lack

Rewind on the track

Always grinding

Fight my way to the top

Always complaining

Wish your attitude would drop

But no I’ll never stop

Watch my album’s

Bout to drop (yeah)

Hahahahaha this is fun
Ok lol sorry I’m done


This is all real fun

But I gotta say bye

We have one more contestant,

So let’s welcome @BobTheGUYYYYY


AHa because of the new eminem album everyone at my school r doing rap battles


ayy this looks dope ---- off da brain

ayo its yaad on the track

spittin my fire flow

got these girls all around me

and my diamonds really froze

just like meek

imma hit it

till you feel it in your toes

keep them haters off me

im just chillin with my bros

even tho its only friday

and saturdays for the boys

i dont give a crap bout status quo

im just makin some noise

making some music

makin sure im stayin on top

cuz when i drop a damn track

you KNOW that sh*t will BOP


Okay. Okay.

Sit back and enjoy.

Mister Master gonna destroy.


Yaad got girls?

Ya spitting some smack,

You only surrounded

coz they want their purses back.


Yaad got diamonds?

Nah son that’s all glass.

And the reason it FROZE is

ya crib’s lower class.


Yaad CHILLING with his bros?

Sounds like you all be FREEZING

You said you’re spitting fire,

But that’s contradictory reasoning.


Let’s wrap this up.

Your sh*t won’t BOP

But it might BOB

When it’s “staying on top”

from the long drop.

And that’s where I’ll stop.

Master out.


:joy::b::ok_hand: :fire::weary::ok_hand::joy::b::fire: :weary:


The MOD is saying BAD word


aight, aight, ok

master spitting some heat

talent respects talent,

so imma run a new beat

u been coming at me hard

but u just an amateur,

how is my crib lower class

when you are a JANITOR

hey look, yall

im not tryna start beef

i respect what he does

he be cleanin the streets

but his flows kinda wack

and he aint tearin up tracks

the only thing hes tearin up

is carpet covered in craps

imma elapse - some time

let my flow - rewind

because whenever i go in

i go in from behind

now listen

im not here

just to dis yall -


im not here

to throw some fists yall -


im just here

cuz this dood tryna roast me

actin all tough,

when we know he aint got NO heat

an im still killin the track -

like im Mac Miller (RIP my man)

and im still spittin the facts -

like im wolf blitzer

i murder the track

im a beast and a phenom

hey is anyone else


cuz i am


that was nice btw