The RAPPING Thread


Fun fact, they were actually improvised on my first take.


Cuz he’s just awesome like that


yo yo yo
I’m not a great pro
but I can prolly try
and spit some fire rhymes
so someone throw their hands
and protect their flimsy pants
because when I speak my bars
your pants will look like bar…becue. (because they’re burnt. duh.)


Wait, what!!!

That’s totally awesome!


What u say?


I’m making a sick verse on everybody


Hmmmmm okay

Don’t expect peaceful results from me :crossed_swords:


Okay I’m coming at you all at once.

Let’s hit it.

@BobTheGUYYYYY is a knock-off, call him a disgrace,

I’ll take his rip-off talents and use 'em on his face.

It takes skill to make remixes, sadly it’s skill you don’t got,

It takes talent to do rap battles despite what you thought.

@Produk, one mistake in your Spotify album?

The whole thing is a mistake which you cannot salvage.

I’m the reason you’ll be remembered in the distant future,

This is your legacy, the rest is just a random SoundCloud user.

@MisterMaster, you’re the janitor why do you post messy tracks?

Crumbled like jumbled ciphers thrown right into the trash.

I think you got the lowest paying job in New Zealand,

Auxy Janitor, and you doing it for free then?

@MrSerpent, what was the deal with that Auxy podcast?

Quality was so low would have rather had you voice it with Oddcast.

We’ve never fought before I’m just roasting you for the laughs,

With every word I speak, there comes another blast.

@SanaB, your titles are about as boring as a blank screen,

But just a little more 'cause the songs are also weak.

Did you really not take the time to make slight changes to your chords?

Could have saved the day! Actually nah, you need better words.

@Southborne, your roasts were so lowbrow, wow!

A guy can be that dumb? You left me asking how.

You’re a bird bro, your own cougar could kill you,

Then we’d hollow you out and use my drums to fill you.

Just a message to everybody, I’m the rap champion,

Making trap, chill, jazz, EDM, and ambient,

Plus I got skills making movies and novels,

Y’all used to be a heavy bass, now it’s time to wobble.


Whoah, okay, it’s time for those combacks

@SanaB, @Southborne, let’s take a moment to backtrack

You say it takes skill to remix, you would be right

But you claim that I don’t have those skills, merely out of spite

Have you ever even tried to do such things involving skill?

Because every time that you try to spit, or produce, or turn on the grill

It falls just short by multiple kilometers, @NotMiles

The only thing I can say is you’ve failed all your trials

Put away your sad sense of self confidence

Every shot you take at me frankly has no relevance

If you want to talk skill, please try to obtain some

And when it comes to your childish annoyingness, please try to refrain some?


I’m not that upset. I know you’re doing this outta spite,

You’re here on the Internet crying, you know that I’m right.

If you’re so wise and cool why do you need to fight?

You say my blow was low?
Your response goes to show,
That obviously I hurt yo.

Ima leave it here. Say what you like- next time you’re feeling emo, leave alone the forum. Go ride your bike


I haven’t cried since I was a baby :sunglasses:


Since I was nine




My tracks are so diiiirty.
That’s intentional.
I layer down garbage.
It’s five dimensional.

Now let me see, D. H. O.
Yeah, you know me,
I do it for free,
Don’t charge no fee.
Janitors got all. the. mon-eeee.
Janitors gots all. the. mon-eeee.

Just brought your house.
And gave it away.
That’s not somewhere
I wanna stay.

Brought your life too
It cost a buck.
Got ten dollars change
and they wished me good luck.

Shoulda buyed a duk.


You mean bought? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why has nobody roasted me about my overuse of :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and :stuck_out_tongue:s?


I see you D.
dropping down emojii

all over the place
coz it’s better than ya face.

:poodle: :poop: :face_vomiting:


Ouch roosted like a rooster

Nvm, was nessecary


But you’re still four?



quite possibly the best line in all of rap history


Um… yes?