The RAPPING Thread


I’m in the middle of writing one that has 21,000+ words


My name is Bob though


Congrats man that’s impressive. But the point is that I followed my dreams and worked hard at my goal to make a story every day.


You just have more achievements because you’ve had longer to live :thinking:



Nobody said how old I am though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: for all you know I could be four


The voice says something else

You must be a really overdeveloped four year old :joy:


The reason why I haven’t gotten those audio clips to you is because I can’t convert them from video into audio… and because one of them says my full name at the ends


You say I skipped to the boss, well I just quit the game bye.


You thought I was done?

Well in a sense I am

This is just for fun

I don’t give a damn

About this thread

But it’s all in my head

The raps are good

But it’s pretty much dead


Aw why so quick? You could at least try. It never hurts.


I was going to, but I lost my motivation.


Yo yo dawg u wanna fite me bro


Four lads breakdanced in london


Watchin’ their moves was truly somethin’


Then they gave me a breakdancing trophy

Did I skip anything?


Like all of it XD


Yeah, I even skipped the creepy stuff taking up 60% of the song


Lol, that part was @DHO

He’s good at being spoopy. That’s his talent.


Who was the one who rapped?



for I have baby voice