The RAPPING Thread


Mars is the 4th rock from the sun.

That’s like a stroll. Get the job done.

Jupiter is big

Saturns got the rings

Uranus is irregular

And Neptune’s the farthest planet from the sun at 2,794.4 million miles away. It’s named after the Roman god of the Sea. It has a diameter of 30,200 miles and is the fourth largest planet in the solar system. It takes 164.81 Earth years for Neptune to revolve around the sun and 19.1 Earth hours to rotate on its axis. Like Uranus, Neptune is made of hydrogen, helium and methane.



@MisterMaster’s droppin pure hot knowledge
Like he’s comin straight outta college


When it comes to brains

I’ve got plenty to WASTE

I spit out the facts

using copy and PASTE.




damn thats a long movie


It’s time for a match in the rapping thread

Don’t let your last victory go to your head

If this is a game, you just skipped to the boss

And let’s just say that you don’t want me cross

No disrespect to @TheCreeperMatik

But compared to my other battles, this will seem automatic

Okay, FLB? What do I see?

A three-year-old drawing lines as boring as can be?

Your logo reminds me of a natural accidental

Which doesn’t suit you at all, cuz your skills are anything but mental

And the 100? Probably absolute value

-100 away from having a rock’s IQ

Your songs are forced, your raps are shallow

I’ll burn you alive like a skin rather tallow

But while you still stand, your life you should savor

I’ll make this quicker than a demisemihemidemisemiquaver.


Oh Bob, you’re not even trying to hurt me you say?

I’m just dying from your hopeless, monotonous ways,

You can’t think of what to say so take a line from me and flip it,

You’re nothing but a joke, and nobody gets it.

Every time I read your next verse I think I’m looking at your last one,

They’re all the same and don’t damage, they don’t even stun.

Welcome to your nightmare, I won’t let you wake up,

Twisted stars falling in a way you can’t make up,

I’ve destroyed you before, I’ll do it again,

In a thousand different ways, that destruction never ends.

In a way I’m DHO, though I feel like a gargoyle,

Pretty soon my raps will cause a garboil.

It wouldn’t be fair not to give you a chance,

Say your last words now, we’re near the end of this stance.


Oh, I see. You think I’m a joke?

I’m nothing of the sort, especially after you spoke.

Pitiful gargoyl, not letting down my guard

this time, because now your fight’s about to get hard

The disco watches, the people laugh

At the sad little creature who seems like a severed half

Of the carcass of an animal, who’s been dead for long

The sad, crippled piano note that finishes death’s song

You thought you were scary? Now it’s my turn

For the sickening reaper who delights to watch the world burn

You’re like a rollercoaster that stops before the end

Because everyone is disappointed in how little you spend

I must admit I have a dark side

And I’m laughing to think of how you’ll counter this genocide

All you do is warn me of your demons

And never do anything of the sort

And you expect to leave me screaming

When you’re really the one falling short

Most gargoyles are made from stone

Sitting on a pillar, perched all alone

You took another alias just to get a couple friends

Because you feared for the worst, that your life was at its end

Well I’m here to reintroduce that feeling

The last thing you’ll see is the blood-soaked ceiling

And the last thing you’ll feel is your knife in your side

Because challenging me? It’s like suicide

For the mind

And for the heart

Feel the agony

As it starts

As it begins

Face the sins

Of your past

And they you’ll realize:

You’ll never last.




You bring up blood?

Watching the world burn?

I thought I might be a little to intense but if you really wanna go that far…

Sure. (ps this isn’t my verse)


Um okay let’s hope this didn’t become a bloodbath


BobTheGUYYYYY? I know why you have the Ys,

To symbolize the five stages of your demise,

I’m taking off my mask, my silly disguise,

I’m going all out so don’t say “um bye”.

Stage one? That’s easy.

It may hurt, but not deeply.

It may sting, albeit briefly.

You may fight back, though weakly.

I’ll turn you into stone, and I know that doesn’t sound scary,

I’ll bring you to a mountain and I sure won’t tarry,

I’ll let your stone eyes look around, (which direction? That varies,)

Then I’ll throw you off the side watch you shatter like terror.

Stage two? I reverse my curse, human again (yes!)

But only in pieces, like broken glass made of flesh,

Glue them back together, you’ll be feeling fresh,

Let you try again, but you didn’t catch.

Stage three? Let you believe you can beat me,

Fake some lame lines, make you think I think I’m creepy,

You think you can defeat me, you think you can see me,

I take the glue off and you fall apart again, then maybe you’d fear me?

Stage four I put the pieces in a bag and bring it to a clearing,

Put the bag down and show your fans only to hear them cheering,

Speak of my victory, you could see I was leering,

We’d all leave together, none of us tearing.

And finally, the final stage, I’d take a match and light it,

I burnt down the forest, nobody even tried to fight it,

It spread throughout and reached the bag, delighted,

“There Goes BobTheGUYYYYY” is a poem that we all recited.

And finally, the sun went down.

The moon came out, I lost my frown.

A grinned and looked in the mirror.

Looking for rhymes? You won’t find them here.


The irony is that entire thing rhymed


Wow, that was… “interesting.” Your idea of pain is wild

Sounds like a bad narrative written by a child

You’ll wish in these moments that you had those superpowers

Just reading this marks your very final hours

The greatest thing about that whole bit

Is it sounded like a daydream made by a kid in a snit

Glass made of flesh? Turn me to stone?

In all of your writing, you haven’t grown

You say I tried to make you think

That you yourself are creepy in your ways

To tell you the truth, that barely made me blink

Sounds like a book to which I’d hit the hay

If you want to get to me, then give up your dreams

I’ll pull you apart at all of your seams

Watch your fake wicked smile in a bloody mess on the ground

And you know what they’ll say? "Justice abound!

"That terrible kid kept yelling fake horror stories

“But now that he’s gone, we can give you the glory!”

I’m like a blade; sharp, smart, and efficient

You remind me of a loss; when it’s gone, I never miss it

Because all you’re doing is making me laugh

And feeding me ammo to hasten my wrath

Nursery rhymes are a sad excuse

For what you think you are, which is the opposite of profuse

You lack in brains, you lack in brawn

You might be the night, fading away with the dawn

Burn down the forest? You try to cause terror

But your horror attempts are like a ball cuffed to your leg

All they’ll ever do is weigh down the wearer

And maybe this’ll finally knock you down a peg

Your ego is fantastic, but that trait is anything but

This whole little skirmish shows you’re stuck in a rut

You sit there, helpless, while I gain glory

All because you just tried to say something gory.

When you grinned, where was that mirror?

Right, it was your blood, pooling, fading in the moonlight

There will be no games down in here

Now stay down in your despair, and give up your hopeless fight.


Sorry pal couldn’t even read that whole verse,

I got bored after the third line… or maybe the first.

You said just what I wanted and it really made me smile,

You really think I thought what was creepy? Please, I’d be more scared of Kyle.

I just wanted to see you boast a little more,

Before I end you in a spooky scene without gore,

You call my wicked smile fake? Nah, I look like a psycho,

What kind of an insult is calling me a child?

I got you so worked up you think you can’t be knocked down,

But I’m also getting ready to turn your grin into a frown.

Also, I didn’t even describe gore, you think that’s what makes me scary?

Violence is pointless, if it’s all you have your horror’s light and airy.

I think you may be interested to know I’ve been playing mind tricks.

And every time they have worked, I did it just for the kicks,

I write my verses to influence your own, that’s why they’re so predictable.

I write your words before you write them, I laugh but it’s indictable.

i wrote some cheesy horror to make you feel cool,

Burning chopped up bits of you? Yep, that sounds like it was written by a fool!

Alas I must tell you that I’m only playing games.

But when your opponent has no aim, that’s a shame.

I had some fun but reading what I made you say is lame.

Bet you won’t even believe my claim.

But that’s okay, it’s true so it’s all the same.

And even if you’re made of gold, nothing gold can stay.


Okay, that does it.

I don’t know how to stay.

Besides, maybe you don’t

Know all that you say.

I get a feeling you try to notice a pattern

And turn my own words against me

But you say it like I’m the only one of the latter

When that’s what you do every time, you see?

There’s kind of an obvious pattern to this cycle of language

In fact, I knew you thought this way.

I just didn’t think you’d actually mention it

Like you came up with the idea and thought it was okay.

You’re kind of a sad excuse for a human

Because you never say anything new

Every little quip you make is just plain stupid

Because you reuse my material and say it’s by you.

Now, you could go on about how I do the same thing

And it’s true, however, I actually add some bling

It’s funny how you think you’ve got me under control

Because all these little “creative” things? From me you stole.

It’s sad. You never know when to stop

You’re the kind of person that would never give up

And that seems like a good trait, but come to think

Sometimes it’s suicide, and you’re on the brink

Are you trying to beat me? Everything has a pattern

In fact, what you say almost leaves me flattered

Because what applies to me in that paragraph also applies to you

Your responses pretty predictable. It’s nothing new

So I’ll leave you confused with a frown on your face

Because you realize that verse was just wasted time

And what I’m really doing is giving you grace

Because you wasted yours, but I’m not wasting mine…



You’re kind of funny, you know? Trying to outlast me in a battle of wits. I lost once by forfeit, but I see that it was all a ruse. If you try to engage in a standoff, it won’t work. Are we friends? Enemies? Rivals? I don’t know how to say it other than this, but I’m impressed. It’s fun to see you try this hard, because you used to think I wasn’t worth your time. That’s changing now, right? I’ve got some potential, there’s no denying it, no matter how hard you try. You do too, but you just try to play the easy mind games. I’m not an easy person, so try a different strategy. Or maybe you’re realizing that this isn’t getting you anywhere?

Whatever you decide, good luck. You might need it.



Nah fam


You say I’m trying hard, that joke has me crying,

We’re pretty well matched and I’m not even trying.

You try to sound cool, I just act like myself,

I can see you’re out of things to say, so stop, get some help.

You call me out on my logo because it’s simple?

Yours is only fancy because you used a character you didn’t even design.

Your failure is a triple,

I have control over your mind.

Your best verse bored me, I said “hey I’ll catch you later.”

My real voice is demonic, you sound like a 5th grader.

It’s reflected in your writing, I’m used to your vocabulary,

You misspelled your “impressive” word, you probably can’t even spell constabulary.

It’s true I never give up, that’s why I’ve got so far in life,

I wrote a thousand stories in four years, you can’t even upload to Google Drive.

I made a seventeen-hour movie in one year,

You call that suicide? Then why does it make me feel alive?

I wrote over one thousand songs for you to hear,

All in the exact same time.

And what have you done?

You play a few instruments.

Admitted I won.

And made vgm remixes.

And yet I’ve made actual games!

Played by thirty thousand people.

Made it in two hours.

And it still was a keeper!

I wrote a novel in one week.

Didn’t give up. I stuck to my schedule.

So next time you say never giving up is a bad thing…

Think again.

I never gave up, and that’s why I’m where I am now.

And I won’t be knocked down.

And even if you do knock me down,

I’ll just get right back up.

And keep going.


Wow, okay! You’ve made some achievements

But you missed a lot of vital things

Everyone makes spelling mistakes, you must admit

But at least I know how to be respectful and at least sing!

You’ve never even heard my real voice before!

Try to expose my information, it’s really a bore

Why do I feel like my brain is kinda sore?

I’m not even trying to sound cool

Unlike you, listing off achievements, trying to make me drool

All I can say is you can’t even spit

Because you spend all your time just being a hypocrite

But hey, list off achievements? I might as well

Because maybe you’re good, but I’m pretty swell

I’m in 4 jazz groups, I’ve played with stars

I’m always with music, it was always in my blood

Maybe coding a game has gotten you far

But it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re gonna act like crud

Every word from your mouth is nowhere near creative

It puts me to sleep like a contrasedative

“Play a few instruments?” Show me any percussion

I’ll be happy to blow you away with my profession

Ragging on me because I’m just a kid?

At least unlike you I have a reasonable lid

All you do is try to spit fire

There will always be people who are more dire

But it doesn’t matter, I don’t care about you

For all that I know, none of that could be true

Write a thousand short stories in four short years?

Probably 2-word ones that’d put an ELA teacher to tears

The thing that kills you is your determination

Because it’s funny to see you waste your concentration

The thing that makes me smile through all these incidents

Is seeing you show your childish insolence

Because I may be a kid, but at least I’m mature

I can make a logo that would fit on a brochure

Are you so blind to see that I DO have my own logo?

You don’t have to use the same one for everything

It’s purple, has fire, and is generally my to-go

I just added a Decidueye for a little extra bling

Back to the drums… you say “a couple instruments?”

I play in Balboa Park with astounding extravagance

I went to a festival, got 4 superior+

And you wrote some words, something you always manage to rush

You’re so convinced that I think I’m so great!

When you’re the one listing off your life gone to waste

I’m busy making money with my new little job

You may call me a kid just because my username is Bob

But do you really know me? You have no control

You’re over there struggling, and I’m on a roll


1,000-8,000 words actually. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: