The RAPPING Thread


It’s okay, @MisterMaster and @MrSerpent did it too.

Dang, all th Mr’s are roasting themselves!


@FLB100 @TheCreeperMatik I battle winner!


Watch your language because this is @TheCreeperMatik’s CHRISTIAN MINECRAFT SERVER


oh fricc




Here we go again, you’re still fighting? What are you, 10?
I told you not to come back or you’ll release the dragon from his den.
You’re coming at me with useless words,
you’re making me laugh, it honestly sounds absurd
You’re tagging all these people, trying to make then incurred,
Dude, I’d rather be rapping with someone I’d more prefer.

You’re talking about Soundcloud and all my remixes?
But where is a track of yours above 10 plays?
You really got a learn to plan out your own prefixes,
What you’re coming at me with, I could be going at you for days.

Basically what you’re saying is you brought some gasoline,
So while I plan to burn you, it’ll make it easier for me.
You’re Lightning McQueen and I’m Mater?
I’m sorry, but who has the twin rockets in the Springs of Radiator?

Now this is my time, I’m about to open the rap floodgates,
And prove to you that your loss was your fate.
A good use of raps is something you cannot demonstrate,
While I’m still up on the mountain, got my flag writing ‘DOMINATE’.

You’re a terminator coming to annihilate?
Well that means I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger, coming to assassinate
This is where I reign, this is where I administrate,
The way I come up with raps is something you cannot appreciate,

Do I Intimidate?
You’re a bug that I need to exterminate.
But with these raps, it’s more like I’m gonna incinerate.
You’re the robot I’ve come to deactivate.

I’ll make you burn and melt, I plan to evaporate,
Why did you even want to participate?
You’re one out of the many who chose to underestimate,
I got my setting switched on to ‘obliterate’.


(When do we finish ?? :joy:)


so i leave the forum for like, three months… i cAnT EVeN RiGHt nOW


Dude maths is important, it not only has to rhyme
but when you read the syllables they gotta stay in line,
yeah im gonna keep fighting, now you’ve led me on,
we gonna have so much content we’ll make a frickin song
you opening your floodgates well i brought my respirator
and im breathing my fresh air through the springs of radiator
do want advice? well heres a tip:
you trying to beat me? dude get a grip,
you’ll run out of rhymes, and then you’ll trip,
then I’ll wreck all of your fight and sink your ship

I’m gonna end on top

When do we finish ??

when you stop.
cant you see?
im the boss
dont trust me?
now im cross
my rhymes are so bright that they’ll make you go blind.
my lines are as sick as the thoughts in my mind
i dont want to stop, but i gotta be kind
a good fight like yours is hard to find.
now ill ask again, do you want to keep going?
my floodgates open too, its really flowing.
and i will keep going
with no way of knowing

and i’ll only stop
when i get to the top.

Forum Member of the Week - 27 - Hexx.Auxy

You’re raps are really something,
I guess I had it coming,
You proved you’re a good contender,
It’s something I’ll sure remember

Imma move the next round over to @BobTheGUYYYYY,
His skills are something not easy to come by.
Guess my raps didn’t exactly qualify,
Good fight, but I guess this is goodbye.

Next time though, I’ll prove to testify,
I’ll make sure you’re gonna be petrified.

Peace out :v:t3:


Alright then, into the dragons den, @BobTheGUYYYYY time to wreak havoc on the tread.


Oh boy!

Take me on bro


im a gentleman (im also terrified), you go first


Let’s do this!

But… give me some time. I’m about to watch Black Panther in the theater. :sunglasses:


-sends thread to label-

-makes 4 million-


Four mellion spelling mestakes!


Okay. Enuff.

Taking the room.

Big as sun

Kick’n ya moon.

Look at clock.

You tell time?

Sure can’t rhyme

Should stop trying.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, resume,


These five words be

writ upon your TOMB: -

His music di.
No-one crie.

:ghost: :musical_note:


That line’s smooth like butterscotch
And I don’t even play Overwatch
Bars so appealing
That I need healing


Your reply surprised me, as my original draft had a line like:

“Okay Children, give me the room.
I’m gonna shoot you down like playing Doom!”

I thought that’s why you mentioned Overwatch, until I remembered that I removed that bit. I removed it because it felt wrong to talk about games and shootings given recent events in America. But then you mention a game in the next post. Freaky.



Gotta rhyme
All the time
That’s the name
Of this game


I think is fine to mention games as long as you’re not using them to stir up stuff about the shootings

But anyways, back to spittin bars
All the way to Mars