The RAPPING Thread


Was that your turn? Didn’t seem like much
If you’re trying to threaten me, go ahead and try
Using my name as in insult, sounds like you’ve lost touch
Uses Minecraft as a rap bar, you’re making me cry :joy:

Let’s turn this up. Give it two verses a message.
Now I’m really gonna tell you I’m not someone to mess with.
It’s either you give up now and I’ll leave it as that,
Accept your defeat or I’ll keep spitting raps back.


Wo :anguished:


Spitting bars in my mouth? dude i chug 'em like water
and I’ll ground your self-worth in a pestle and mortar
i used MC as a dis, and you started cryin’
at least I’m not the one who’s mining for diamond

You want to verses? ok mate you’re on
my rhymes’ll hit you like lightning, they’re there then they’re gone.
but you’ll still remember them, etched into your mind
and you’ll feel all alone when i leave you behind


We got contenders! The thread lives


If you like chugging bars then I’ll make sure you’re fully quenched.
Because I’m going into the state where you’ll think I’m far-fetched.
Oh, I’m going full on now, you’ve brought my hopes up!
Leaving so soon? I was only preparing for my buildup!

This time is where I plan to breakthrough,
Whats been inside me, the truth you never knew,
This thread was made to burn those who dare to enter,
Comparing you between me? I’m your own personal tormenter.

FLB100? sounds like an AI bot name.
Under 50 likes recieved? You don’t really have much fame.
Me against you makes your reputation look lame.
Quit now, You know the results are gonna be the same.

I’m not done yet though.
I still got things going with the flow.
I’ll bring out some words, guess I’ll put on a show.
You did challenge the creator, I guess I’ll fight the foe.

Some words I gotta say to you before I go
Some friendly advice is I’m someone you should know.

Also you replied to me in four hours?
I gotta say, you’re reply was pretty slow.
Watching you struggle?
It’s like being the winner in a gameshow!

Not sure if you were prepared
But when it’s me, all there is to know is that you should be scared.
For your words to affect me, you gotta have a deep meaning
Your raps are trash, guess that calls for house cleaning.

Are you still up to challenge me to another round?
Next time I’ll really show you I’m the king of the rap-ground.
It’s not really worth it, I’m like a hellhound.
Spitting out fiery raps, that’ll prove to astound.

(@BobTheGUYYYYY is the real king though)
(Also I didn’t mean to offend you at all, don’t take this seriously :joy:)





I get women
I get money
I get car, lamborgeenie
I get woman in bikini
I get lotsa lambageni




Yuh :+1:

Ooh :open_mouth:

Uh :man_shrugging:
Boom :exploding_head:
Ye :+1:

I get women :woman: :woman: :woman:
I get money :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:
I get car, lamborgeenie :oncoming_automobile:
I get woman in bikini :merperson::merperson::merperson:
I get lotsa lambageni :oncoming_automobile: :oncoming_automobile: :oncoming_automobile:


@BobTheGUYYYYY round two


You got some seeet bars, but I bet mine are sweeter
And I’m not backing down, no, I’m gonna beat ya.
We both come from Australia, Melbourne In fact, but I’ll push you further down under, like a thumb tack.

You say my raps are slow, the rabbit and the hare,
So be careful while you sleep, cuz I’m gonna prepare.
You say you’re gonna burn me, I brought some gasoline,
And I’m gonna provide the biggest fight you’ve ever seen

I’m lightning McQueen, you’re more like mader
Ya damn right I’m an AI, terminator.
Also you
Might’ve noticed I’ve been away a while, I’m just making sure that my rhymes are truly vile

How many verses? Not 5, not 6, I’m emptying my sleeve if all my rapping tricks
You give me a tic tac, I take em like vitamins, wait for them to dissolve, hell no, I start biting em

If you wanna be civilised, go true blue, I know who has some talent, @mr_mooo
That’s right now I’m tagging people, bring them into this, but still, you’re only one that I’m going to dis.

The other guys are great @lenberg @blackocean n and @trey , I’m not giving up without a fight, hell no not today.

I’m going full throttle, don’t believe me? Hold on tight, cuz I’m getting on my boxing gloves, putting up a fight

That green and black?
Dude, awful combination
You need some better colours for your information.
I looked at your Soundcloud, all you do is remix! Unoriginality in you profile is something you need to fix.

Why are we fighting? What good ever came from that? This has escalated far beyond calling you a rat. What will be our destination? Oh yeah I remember now. Your annihilation!

Try to fight back, I’ve got you pinned down. What did you say about being a bloodhound?
Next time I see you, I’ll return faster, I do have to say though, you’re a minecraft master.

(Dude this is crazy :joy:)


You seem like a worthy challenger


Okay here we go

I’m responding to this

@DHO “You call a lead a bass? Guess you don’t your Auxy,

I bet you still call Chalk “the piano that’s chalky”,

Think my rap makes no sense? Go ahead and mock me,

You can’t follow a basic story, but hey that’s not shocking.

You said it yourself boi, you are mediocre,

But not just at using Auxy, at using a toaster,

Or anything, including your raps which I call gophers,

Tried to get fans but you’re still just a loner.

And back to basses, you know nothing about them,

You try to play percussion when I can play a water fountain,

Or a mountain, anything is an instrument to me,

Including you, you’re an instrument of your defeat.

And let me remind you of my dark side,

He’s sleeping right now but he’s ready to ride,

Even when you think I’m down he will rise,

Use his words to bring you down to size.

Some people never really reach their goals in life,

And your goal is to get good? Maybe just don’t try,

Stick to listening and save yourself the strife,

I’m not even being hostile, this is honest advice.”


Um that’s my verse


Shouldn’t we post the rest of the verses first? So like you copy in your first verse, then I copy in mine, until we’ve caught up?


Let’s see how much grit you have after this shot

Compared to past verses, it might hurt a lot

I may have forfeited first to prevent the apocalypse

But this time I’ll keep attacking until your confidence rips

You wanna talk about skill? Well you don’t have one

Whenever I hear your music I don’t have fun

At least I can rap, unlike you, who only worsens

I should grab you at your weakest and demand some horses :smirk:

You wanted to fight now? Save your butt for later

@NotMiles could do much better just by saying refrigerator

Don’t even get me started on your pic or what’s in it

How long did that take you? Probably less than half a minute

Please try harder, this isn’t any fun

When I’m spittin fire at a black hamburger bun

Maybe I should just resort to calling you charcoal

Oh, wait! At least that burns. You hurt as much as a stuffed bull

I’m not even trying to make a comeback

Just like you, all I’m giving is simple constructive feedback


Maybe? But I just… :thinking:


By the way, describing bumble as a bass was my point, because bumble ISN’T a bass. You need more bass that a lead.


You say it was your point, but what was it you said in the DMs? :open_mouth:




That’s when you’re wrong I don’t have talent!

oops i roasted myself is that not the point of this?