The RAPPING Thread


I would but I can’t think of anything so sorry


Nose long like garden hose. SHHHHHH ya get me?


Stop having a snit

You have no grit

You can’t take even the least of us “fools”

Takes one to know one

Takes at least a duk to beat one

Now stop looking at your phone, it’s covered in your drool.


Round 2?




at least



You guys can’t rap, and all y’all tracks are flat. It takes you a second to make all your peoples tracks. Don’t look at me, I’ve got all the glee, while your down low, just a little wee.


anyone up for a rap battle? :upside_down_face:


Me, or him?

Because I remember you getting curbstomped.



U w0t m8


I am the #bestanimalcracker

We’re missing those J A N I T O R B E A T S here


I want a burrito


And a couple of cheetos


mmmmMMMM? I’ll give it a go


I’ll rap one last time before this goes
To the dead zone where no one knows
Of being locked forever
Never to be seen or treasured


I think that I’ll get the last lines
Before we meet the fate of time
and I dare say we’ve had some fun
but now I think this thread is done.


I leave for a week
I give Disco a peek
Now meme thread is die
I crie


The meme thread is dead
You broke your street cred
You make your living off memes
And now you’ve broken dreams


To think that the person who created this,
Never once ever challenged anyone to diss

But before this thread dies, I wanna ask a question
Does anyone wanna verse me on my own creation?


Here we go, in the 600th reply,
If you wanna challenge me, you’re gonna die
The creeper matik. What? You a Minecraft fan?
Because this a Christian server, and you’ve been banned.
Just shut down the topic, too much exposure.
I’ll let you have a fair go, my turn’s over