The RAPPING Thread


Wha :thinking:


Dead flies don’t make music… cuz they’re dead

So it’s like my profile has no music at all?




The real question is- can a fly, half-dead or not, use Auxy?


well of course they just copy paste your song and no one will know the difference




U wanna fite me bro



That’s a totally fly rap.


You think you fly?


Why you think you fly?

You not fly.

I tell you why…

Chilling on my boat with a mojito
Your music attacks like a mosquito.
That’s what it does, without any buzz.
Let me just eat my burrito.


New rap topic:

  • Someone writes a line.
  • Next person incorporates that line in their rap.
  • Someone else writes a line.
  • Repeat

If you see someone is replying, let them finish.

First line to use: That’s what the elephant said.


Look at those chumps
UP above
They rhyme so little
All because
Some dude said “time to sing!”
Well guess what?
No one cares what you think
Time to see
You all trump these


Wait what


aight let’s go


rap battle, now


let’s go


what’s taking you so long
are you making another song
nah that’s not it at all
that wouldn’t take very long
seeing as they’re all the same
you could make ten in a day
be creative, use your brain
make all the wubs go away


Pls no.
(What’s with these anyway?!)


haha we’re just having a little fun
so just listen everyone
produk tryna come back after what i said
but he’s already done
i just made cooked duck
his success is really luck
he may have worked hard
but he can’t roast me like he’s stuck


I’m disappointed in your lack of inspiration,
You say futurebass is lame, go take some medication,
What’s scratching the top of the top charts?
A futurebass inflammation, not even an exclamation,
Get back to your trash music, it’s ear eradication.

I’m sorry, I can’t hear your comeback, my ears just died,
I listened to your SoundCloud and it could’ve made God cry,
At least my music’s well arranged and composed,
Your SounCloud’s a a trash faucet, more like a garden hose.


it is the only way to settle disputes

in an obviously one sided slaughter of my opponents via lyrical verse


I’m here for more rap battles :stuck_out_tongue: Somebody vs. me please