The RAPPING Thread

If you were Monroe you’d put up quite a show

But about this rap beat, I’d say we should go

See who can make a rap, words that flow

I think that’d be cool, don’t you think so?


Oh gee, I don’t know

I’ll have to consult my big toe

My toe said that I need to mow

Mow the lawn, row by row


Holy crap. Snaky boy.

Take a rest. Ya slimy toy

If you know how I role

Don’t come back coz you know I’m on parole.

This sucks


You’ve struck the wrong chord, my man

You see now, I’ve got a plan

Now it’s just time to see

If you can try to beat me


You slither around with no competition

Others see you. With no recognition

You give em a bite with venom inside

How do u feel now? I’m going in deep

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I don’t know why you find it entertaining

To rhyme all out without retraining

It makes it hard to keep maintaining

Continuous rhymes that are not quickly gaining


You call yourself Dj La rocca

The only thing rocking is your churning stomach

as you tremble, watching the curse of my burning words seep into your soul



Hey now that’s not a rhyme

If it was a rap track I wouldn’t pay a dime

Now you should stop wasting your time


How do I rhymes
I need teaching


I’m here, I will do the teaching

The teaching, the preaching, and the breaching

Breaching of the top of his rhyme limit

It’s easy once you get into it


Okay, I think i get now.

Rhyming is so easy, wow!

I don’t think I need to be taught anymore,

Because learning is boring, and makes me want… to…falls asleep


Oh, you wanted rhymes?

Well I guess it’s my time

My raps are sublime

My tracks always shine

Your raps are the dump

Less entertaining than Trump

You have no power over me

You’ve only begun to see

That I am the king

I watch the bells ring

I oversee people sing

And my raps make the bling

And now here’s something

You might just want to know

You’ve stepped into the ring

I’ve taken the final blow

mic drop


Okay, that was rude

You wanna fight, well you got one dude

Your insults just fire up my mood

And now your words will be against you construed

Trump is bad, he’s pretty idiotic

Just like your words, anything but melodic

You’ll find that I’m not one to give up

I’m like a lion, you’re just a pup

Take me on, I’ll eat you alive

You’ll be writhing on the ground like a snake gone to die

Final blow? I’m just starting

And with shots we will be parting

crushes mic with foot


Melodic? Nah, that’s too mainstream

My rhymes shine with a unique gleam

The final blow was a warning shot

I didn’t want to watch you rot

My raps are straight fire, they’ll burn you through

You have no idea what you’re getting into

With a final blow you may have cried

With an endless stream, you’re sure to have died

And even if you survive the intense heat

You’ll be infinitely crushed by this beat

My raps are so high they’re in another dimension

Your raps are so low your teacher gave you detention

But who’s your teacher? Oh right that’s me

And you finished the lesson with an F, sweetie

throws mic out the window


Here we go again with the “you’re stupid” talk

If you were on the street, away I’d walk

Your insults are so boring, so unoriginal

They make me want to make something pivotal

That fire may burn through most

But it just left me crispy like toast

Toast that’s buttered and ready to go

Toast that’s here to send you home

You, a teacher? Funny joke.

I’m taking this class by the ropes.

Now take a seat at your desk in the corner

And listen up, buddy, teacher’s order!

Now, you may try to take me like an ace

But your attempt just fell flat on this face

This “stream of fire” I see you’ve made

Is as disappointing as store-bought lemonade

I’m blocking it off with a solid dam

And leaving you salty as cooked ham

You may look at these raps and say “that’s cheesy!”

But who’s the cheesy one? Your raps are too easy

I could’ve come up with your material in a second

But saying it to me? A storm you’ve reckoned

I’m here to rain on your sorry parade

And clean up the mess you’ve made

Your attempt to dethrone me has gone horribly wrong

I stay seated on my throne, an iron fist strong

lights mic on fire and uses it to fire-dance


dude that was like the best thing ever. not sure if I can do better than that but I’ll try

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The ancient serpent awakens

Hold up, I need to get some popcorn.


New forum game: “Rap battle the user above you”

y tho

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