The Path - XLXK [Project, WIP, Future Bass, Collab?]


Ok, so I have fixed the chord progression, now being able to fix the rest of the song.

Old Text

I just need a little help with the vocal chops, after the 4th bar the samples don’t really sound good, I’ve been messing with it too long and can’t fix it, but I don’t want to discard it.

Don’t mind the last part in the project lol

If anyone would like to collab on this project I’d be open to that.

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Hey man,
I’m looking for a project to do up at the moment. I can’t do anything yet, but I’d be happy to help soon, if you’d like?
If you want to see some of my work, I’m on Spotify.
Look forward to it if you’re up for it :grin:

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Yea man, for sure! Your tracks are awesome



Thanks! I’ve got more stuff coming too…
I currently can’t access my device due to some home difficulties, but I’ll let you know as soon as I can work on the project.



Dm me when you get the chance bc I have a almost finished version of it