The Osprey - (WIP) This is what I have so far. If you have any ideas or criticisms please tell me!

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I enjoy this

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Maybe add an orchestral sound on the lead, after the main theme. It may be a drastic change in tone, but I think it could work well.

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Kinda like this


Oh nice! I like it!

1 Like Here’s another one I’ve been working on if ya want to check it out.

I really like the arpeggio for Crook! If you need ideas for this project I made some:
If you didn’t… here’s how I envisioned the next scene

1 Like Thanks! This is what I came up with.

1 Like synthwave version regular

Here’s another. I don’t really know what to do with it. :man_shrugging:

You posted these a while ago i remember editing the normal version

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Really? I don’t remember. I was just going through my old projects and found these