The_Osprey [WIP, Project, Collab?]




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I took te bottom project and de-future bassified it.

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Yeet indeed

I have added some more projects

I took number four and made quite a few changes. Most notably, I changed up the bassline. The other stuff i did are pretty much just tiny details.

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I like it!

Do you want to collab? I always see the projects you’re making and they always sound really good. If you want we can continue this in a DM.

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I looks pretty much done to me, and thanks!

I’m not sure I understand. So are these threads for people who want to help finish your song and post and brand them as collars or am I just helping you get ideas and what not. Another thing I’m asking is could I post that and brand as a collab. Generally you need mutual agreement so i just need to know how it is.

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Well, it can go both ways. It looks pretty much done to me. So you can just brand it as a remix.

My face on beat drop, num4


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