The Osprey - [Project FUTURE] - (WIP) any suggestions?


I think there should be some sort of snare build up in scene 3 and a one bar break between the build up and the main part.

(I used Battery for the example cause I only have demo, but it gives you an idea of what I’m talking about).

Apart from that, I think it’s sounds amazing.

1 Like I made some changes. Thanks @GR3Y!


If anyone wants to add something, please do!

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I love this concept! Heres what I added.

2 Likes Oh I love what you did with that drop!

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I did some tweaking and made this lol nice!

I added a second drop

I honestly like the song better in Minor A Flat than E Minor.

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I’m just changing it up

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I so want to remix this when it’s done.

Ah yes chief. This is it.
I added an ending and tweaked a couple small things. Small edits Banger?