The Osprey - (Collaboration/WIP) What do ya guys think

Really like what you did with the leads. Here is a drop edit I made that I liked.

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:slight_smile: thanks, I’ll do some more in a bit

Did a edit let me know what you think

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Oh nice! I love it

I would love to help, but this track and all the edits are far too advanced for me. I’ll have to pass.

I really like the way all of them sound tho. Hope you get it finished soon!


Still needs work but hopefully this direction helps

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:blush: thanks

Here’s my idea:
I added a kind of “loud” drop so ya might wanna turn your volume down a little

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:+1: nice
I love your idea! I fixed it up a tad.

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Nice work guys!

Hmm… I’ll see what I can do

Kinda added some more, and fixed it up and added subs.

Helped u complete?
I thickened up the chords a bit more!