The Minutes Problem

Unfortunately, I ran out of SoundCloud minutes. And since deleting old tracks doesn’t work, the only thing I can think of is making an alt and reposting the alt’s stuff onto my account. Any other suggestions? (Other than SoundCloud pro)

deleting old tracks should give you time what do u mean it doesnt work?

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I have 18 mins left.

Yeah, just delete old tracks.

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You’re likely thinking of privating tracks not working. Privating tracks does not free up upload time as the tracks are still hosted on your SoundCloud account. Deleting the tracks will free up the appropriate amount of upload time for you.


No, actually. I deleted an old track when it said I had 2 minutes left and when I checked again it said I still have only 2.

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If you care about your music, it shouldn’t be a big deal to pay a few bucks for SC Pro.

If you don’t, you can make an alt and move all of your old stuff on there and private it


I never heard about this

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SC rendering is broke, this might just be your browser

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Oh ok thx

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