The Midwest Collab: Plains - Viiitality, Andrew Adams, Bassment Chemists, E/E, Breezyz, DJ Peloton [Collab, EDM, Progressive House]

It’s finally finished! This project was quite an undertaking but we all collectively decided that we would take our time to finish this right, since we all had widely conflicting schedules, and wanted to handle some post-production on the track as well. With the help of the Auxy Collective, we are proud to present Plains, our Midwestern collab.




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i wish i would’ve known about this so i could’ve joined… it’s really good, good job y’all

Awesome job to all of you. :smiley:


Totally getting @Andrew_Adams vibes from the opening chords and melody :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s funny, but @viiitality was the one who worked the most on the intro. Andrew was the one who did the first verse and the main piano melody ;3

Thanks to all the support everyone! I’m so glad this song turned out well.

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