The Man Who Cares Too Much - James Lucien [Lo-Fi]

My final track as James Lucien. From now on all my content will be posted on E/E because I am out of upload minutes. Again for real this time.

Let me know what you think. It’s a different style for me.

Featuring my poem writing abilities and my voice speaking the poem! :0


The man who cares too much

The man who cares too much
Is a man seldom found
He is not bought nor sold
But has a heart of gold
That is, if fool’s gold is worth anything.

The man who cares too much
Will always be there for you
Even when he is upset or angry
But he will be there for you
That is, if you choose to let him be there.

The man who cares too much
Will be broken in two
But will always do what he feels
Is best for those he cares about
That is, if he ever really can figure out what that is.

The man who cares too much
Will never try to hurt you
Even if he cannot figure out that being around
Is what truly is hurting you.
That is, until he does.

The man who cares too much
Cannot help himself
From overthinking everything.
Even when it kills him inside.
That is, if there’s anything even left in there.

The man who cares too much
Always loves you.
Even when you don’t think he does.
But he truly does.
That is, until he cannot love anymore.



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Thanks! I’m glad you liked it ^w^ It took a lot of work and courage to do it and I’m glad it worked out well

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Shame this hasn’t got more replies. I think it’s a really interesting piece.
(Still, I guess clicks on the SC link are what’s most important, so… :+1:

I wasn’t sure if I like the title being included in the lyrics, but the more I listen to it, the more I think it makes it more interesting because you’re not simply reading the words to a poem in the song, you’re bringing attention to the fact that you’re reading a poem. I find that self-referencing quite interesting.
(The reason I didn’t like the title being included is now the reason why I do like the title being included. ‘It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.’)

I think the music has a good playful, wistful vibe to it. Light, yet a little sad. Works well with the theme.
Works well with the lyrics, yet gives them enough space to be properly listened to.

I like the poem. There’s a kinda dryness to its delivery that may not be intentional, but I think it works. Feels a little like someone reading it out in class (remembering way back, what that felt like), and rushing it a little.
Whatever the reason, the almost stoicness of the reading, as though reading a list, works.
Stops it getting dragged down in emotion.

Production-wise, with the cut-ups and ‘over the telephone’ effect, I like that too. Nice touch.

All adds up to a really interesting vibe, imo.

Good stuff. Liked already, but just Reposted too. :+1: :+1:

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Thanks! I sort of took inspiration from the collab HAYVN and IVO did with their song over one of Edgar Allan Poe’s work Dream Within a Dream.

It’s actually kinda funny but I had to edit out myself flubbing up one of the lines. The poem meant a lot to me, and recording it on a tape recorder and playing it back was starting to get annoying redoing it for every single error. The cut was seamless and that’s what shocked me the most xD I would have liked to use the tape recorder itself to do the effects but that was proving to be difficult (half the time it produced an ear piercing shriek, not fun)

Thanks again! ^w^

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Nice track!

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Thanks! I’m glad you and others are enjoying it

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