The Lonely People’s Forest - DJ Spedgetti

I’m super happy with this track and I want to see what other people think about it. Any feed back would be great!


I like it! It sorta gives off a mysterious yet groovy vibe.

Yeah, that what I was going for.

I love these chords. So chill. Good job!

@SpaghettiSauce @DJ_spedgetti Are you guys related by any chance? :thinking:




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Nah, just a good coincidence.

I’m glad you guys like it. I’ve had the flu really bad and I’ve been in my bed for like four days, which isn’t that bad because I get the make more music!

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Reminds me of Gran Tourismo 5

Like it! The atmosphere it creates is pretty awesome.

I haven’t heard of that, I’ll check it out

Also who is DJ Pedgetti


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Ooh. I didn’t see that Oof

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