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The Challenge: Create a track using The Lick

-it can be any kind of track, any key, any tempo etc
-The Lick must be used and easy to hear
-use any instrument u want
-due date: Whenever

(If you are the kind of person who needs due dates to get things done i’ll say December 15th)


YES :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Jazz memes are the best




Heck yes!


Sad. I want to join the this challenge, but I have the 4.1.3 version of Auxy and I can’t download the project. Is there any other way I can enter?


I’d suggest updating, totally worth it!


I wish I could, but I don’t have the space for that. I have a lot of important documents on my phone. With my laptop dying on me last month, I’m stuck with saving things on my phone.


Does this mean you’re taking part?


Aww rip :frowning:


Idk maybe
Got a lot of stuff to work on already


cough cough


I know…
I’m planning on getting a new phone at the end of this month so hopefully I’ll be able to join this challenge and (hopefully) finally get noticed in the Auxy community


i guess u could just recreate the lick yourself. I didn’t do anything special, it’s just some notes.


What are the notes?


I see that ur getting a phone anyway, but what kind of documents are saved on your phone?

Photos: move to google photos then delete off ur phone
Files n stuff: Email to self or put them on a flashdrive (i actually have a 64gig drive for my phone. Pretty handy)


ill send a screenshot real quick


Key of D minor
Tempo is 200bpm (b/c I’m still on 5.0 lol, but u can change that to whatever u want anyway)


I only have 12 GB on my phone. I’m trying to delete my Auxy projects off my iCloud so free up space. The documents I have are in my art portfolio. I don’t want to move my art to google photos because I need easy access to it in case anyone wants to see it. I may not get my phone any time soon, though. I’m just hoping I get a new by the end of this month.


What’s the next part? I see there’s another bar


ahh i get ya. I’ve been runnin on 16gig forever. Welp holidays are around the corner so hopefully.

Also to answer ur other comment, there is no part 2 really. The note that’s cut off for the second bar just goes for 1/2 the measure and that’s it. It’s the last note