The Last Stand —Osharu Pérez (Album) [GlitchHop]

Give it a listen, why don’t you? Please?

These are really cohesive, you can definitely tell they belong together in a collection. The only thing I didn’t like so far was the hard gating in the first track Life’s Surprises. I thought my modem was on the fritz again, it’s been a bad day lol…

Fight In The Rain is real nice, enjoyed it through and through. The mixing across the board seems pretty good I’m not listening on the studio cans but nothing sounds out of place. All the tracks have some pretty strong melody, some of the sounds chosen were maybe not my cup of tea but that’s just personal preference, not objective at all.

I’d avoid using pitch bent synths as a riser. Every one of these I’ve heard so far does it in varying degrees, it just gets a little old kinda quick. It just seems like a cheap trick when you have enough guts in these tracks to not need to do something like that, maybe just pitch one at a time?

Ok yesss, that bass in Stealth is awesome, straight reminds me of LVL which is cool, haven’t heard him in awhile. Yes I like how you play with the dynamics in this one, this is good. You ramp up and then back off to filtered drums, and it’s quieter, allows for some breathing room.

Overall, pretty good. Doomsday sounded a lot like one of the others, I think I’ve heard that one before.

Fight In The Rain and Stealth are definitely my two favorites

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That’s the project I asked for your help a LOOOOONG time ago! :joy::joy:
I’m really glad you liked it, and I only hope I can get better as time progresses!!

Yeah Doomsday and The Last Stand were not as strong as the others IMO, but the other two I mentioned :ok_hand:t3:

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Wait, does this mean that you like GlitchHop? Or what was it that called your attention to actually listen to my cringy, trash album?